100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School

100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School

Rooms 71-80 - Escape from School
100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School Guide

Rooms 71-80 - Escape from School

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This is our guide to rooms 71-80 for 100 Doors Games: Escape from School.

Room 71
Notice around the scene there are a selection of fruits and vegetables. Above the door are 2 letters, F and V. Count the fruits and the vegetables to get 2 numbers.
Use these numbers 53Show in the keypad to open the door.

Room 72
Tap the frame to the left of the door to view a jumbled picture. Tap pairs of sections to swap them over and complete the picture.

Room 73
Around the room are sections of plates with numbers printed on them. Each half of a plate has half of a number in different colours. Match the same colour number parts together to work out the numbers and thier colour.
Pink 8
Green 2
Yellow 3
Blue 5

Notice the 4 coloured hands above the door. Use these to work out the order.
Enter the number: 8532Show into the keypad to open the door.

Room 74
Around the room are a range of animals, including the fish in the bowl and the spider and butterfly in the frames on the wall. On the floor is a box with a diagram representing a spine/bones. tap or drag to place into the box all of the animal that are vertebrates (have a skeleton).
Snake, Frog, bird, rodent, fish

Room 75
Tap to collect a net from the chair on the left. Tap to collect a plank of wood from the right hand side. Use the wood to hit the bee hive hanging to the right of the door. Use the net now to tap and collect all of the bees flying in the room. Once you have collected them all drag the net to the fly trap plant on the table to feed ti and it will release a key. Use the key to open the door.

Room 76
Note the diagram next to the door with 4 musical shapes, these represent types of instrument. Count the number of each type in the room
Pick (guitar) - 3
drums (sticks) - 3
Horn (wind) - 4
Bow (bowed string instrument) - 3

Enter the number 3343Show in the keypad to open the door.

Room 77
Tap to collect the 2 gas canisters from the floor. Tap to collect the bottle of H2O. Select and add the H2) to the flat bottom glass flask on the table to the left. Select and add the yellow canister to the round bottom flask on the left. Select and add the blue canister to the same round bottoms flask on the left. Repeat this a second time to get SO3, this will then add to the H2O to give you H2SO4 in the flask. Collect the green flash and then place it on the sign to the right of the door (H2SO4). The door will open.

Room 78
Count the number of each colour books on the shelves. Shake your device to make 4 more books fall from above.
Red 6
Yellow 5
Green 5
Blue 4

Enter the number 6554Show into the keypad to open the door

Room 79
Notice the score board to the right with the score and match time. You will be prompted with the question 'how much time do we have left'.
Clock says 7:49 in the 3rd period. Use the total time remaining in the match 1749Show in the key pad to open the door.

Room 80
Tap to collect a red hose from below the chair. Tap to collect a yellow bottom from the shelf. Tap to collect a handle from the desk. Tap to collect a lighter from the pipe on the right. Use the handle on the fridge on the right and open the door to collect a block of ice. Use the hose to connect the gas canister on the left to the small stove. Combine the lighter and the yellow lighter fluid to activate the lighter. Place the ice on the stove and light it with the lighter. The ice melts to reveal a key. Turn off the stove, collect the key and use the key to open the door.

You can now move on to rooms 81-90. If you have any questions for this game please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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