100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School

100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School

Rooms 51-60 - Escape from School
100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School Guide

Rooms 51-60 - Escape from School

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This is our guide to rooms 51-60 for 100 Doors Games: Escape from School.

Room 51
Tap on the green board to see a maths problem. There are 4 numbers with missing operator signs. drag and place 3 of the 5 signs around the board to fill in the squares to make the sum correct. 7 + 2 = 39 - 30Show

Room 52
Tap the laptop on the table to the right to open a mini game. This is a flow type game where you need to connect the points of the same colour on the board without crossing the lines. You will also have a 10 second countdown to complete it in before the board resets. Connect the dots in time to open the door.
Rooms 51-60 - Escape from School

Room 53
Shake your device and a crowbar will drop form the ceiling. Tap to collect this. Tap to collect a spanner form the sink. Tap to collect a bottle from the shelf on the left.

Use the crowbar on the top 2 boards barring the door. Use the bottle to clean the rust from the metal bar on the door. Then use the spanner on the bar to remove it.

Room 54
On the shelf to the left of the door are 3 bottles with colours in them. On the right shelf there are 3 empty spaces but with colours on the wood. On the floor and table to the left are 3 empty bottles. Tap to select each of thee 3 bottles on the shelf to pick a colour and then tap one of the empty bottles to start to fill it.

Place the right colours from the shelf into the empty bottles to make the missing colours from the shelf on the right. (green, orange, purple). When each empty bottle is filled with the right mix of colours drag and place it on the shelf.

Room 55
Tap to collect a record from the lower shelf on the right. Place the record on the record player and tap to play it. Numbers will appear. 27584 but will not be in the right order. Pay attention to the positions they got to above the door. 82475Show. Use this code on the keypad to open the door.

Room 56
There are 4 woodpeckers in the scene. Each one is tapping a number of time in a row. 2, 3, 4 and 5. Notice the bar chart above the door with the bars in descending order, largest first. This is a clue to the order of the birds.

Check each of the woodpeckers in descending order of size (the one on the right is the largest etc) and get their tap count. Enter the code 5342Show in the keypad to open the door.

Room 57
On the floor in front of the door is a mat with coloured stripes. Tilt your device to roll the basketball to the right and left. As it passes over the blue stripe in the center the green bar on the left fills up. Keep it over the blue stripe until the bar fill completely to open the door.

Room 58
Tap the cupboard under the sink to open it and collect a screwdriver. Tilt your device to the left to make a piece of equipment roll into view on the right. Use the screwdriver on the small panel with the word Error to open it. Then tap the unit to view a circuit board with numbers. Tap each of the numbers at the top to change colour until the coloured numbers at the top add up to match the same colour at the bottom.
12 + 15 = Red - 27
23 + 8 + 1 + 3 = Blue - 25
14 + 21 +13 = Green - 48
Rooms 51-60 - Escape from School

Once done use the screwdriver on the panel again to replace it and reveal 3 colour numbers.
Yellow 22
Blue 43
Red 124
Green 66

Tap the noticeboard on the left to view a paper with a mathematical diagram. Use the colour numbers at the top and work out the maths to get the final number at the bottom
R + B = 167
G / Y = 3
167 x 3 = 501

Use this number in the keypad to open the door

Room 59
Tap on the board to the right to see 4 quadrilateral shapes. Above these is shown a 90 degree right angle. This is a clue to a code. This is sort of a trick clue. You need a 4 digit code for the keypad. The code is the number of right angles in each shape. 0000Show

Room 60
Tap on the globe on the left to open a mini game puzzle. Hold and spin the globe following the directions on the paper. 1 turn clockwise. 3 turns anti clockwise, 2 turns clockwise. Release between each turn.

You can now move on to rooms 61-70. If you have any questions for this game please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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