100 Doors Games: Escape from School

Rooms 31-40 - Escape from School

Rooms 31-40 - Escape from School
100 Doors Games: Escape from School Guide

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This is our guide to rooms 31-40 for 100 Doors Games: Escape from School.

Room 31
There are 5 basketballs on the floor and a net on the right. You need to drag and drop all 5 basket balls to score in the net before the count down timer on the left runs out.

Room 32
Tap the bin by the door to open it then tap again to collect some broken glass. Tap the draws on the left to open it and then tap again to collect some glue. Tap the small concertina screen above the bed on the right to view it, then use the glue on it. Next use the broken glass on the screen to place the pieces around the screen.

This is a jigsaw puzzle. Reassemble the pieces to complete the mirror and reveal a code number 21825Show. Use this code on the keypad by the door to open it.

Room 33
There are 12 pieces of paper with symbols on them around the room. There are 3 boxes on the floor with drawings on them. The drawing represent different languages, Greek (columns), Roman (colliseum), Egyptian (pyramids). Drag and drop each of the symbols into the correct box for them (they are letters and hieroglyphs).

If you get one wrong the papers will all return to their place. Once all 12 are in the boxes the door will open.

Room 34
The board on the right contains some maths equations.
The answers fro these are a code 0 8 2Show. Enter the code in the keypad to open the door.

Room 35
Tap the book on the desk on right of the room. You can see 8 flags on the pages with 6 coloured dots at the top. Count the number of times each colour of the dots appears in the flags. Use the 6 digit code on the keypad to open the door. 430855Show

Room 36
Tap to collect a fly swatter to the right of the door. Select the fly swatter and then tap each of the flies buzzing around the room. They move fast so this may take a few tries. If you hit them they will disappear. Once they are all gone the door will open.

Room 37
Tap to collect the watering can by the table on the left. Use the watering can on the dry flowers in the brown pot to the right. There are now 5 pots with colourful flowers in them. Notice above the door is a panel with 5 colours. White, yellow, blue, pink, red. Count the number of flowers of each colour in the 5 pots to get a code.
Use the code in the keypad by the door to open it. 6 5 4 7 5Show

Room 38
There are 4 coloured buttons on the floor in front of the door. Notice a sign on the door with 4 colours. You may need to zoom in to see that there is an arrow showing an order around the 4. Yellow, Red, Blue, Green.

Next notice the shelves have some brightly coloured books of the 4 colours. Count the books of each colour then tap the buttons the same number of times in the colour order.
Tap: 4 x Yellow, 4 x Red, 3 x Blue, 5 x GreenShow

Room 39
Tap to view a paper on the table to the left. It show a page full of H and O letters. Look carefully (or possibly from further away) to see 4 digits stand out in the O letters. Use this code in the keypad to open the door. 2951Show.

Room 40
Tap the laptop on the right to open a snake game puzzle. Play the game using the cursors to direct the snake. Remember the snake gets longer with each apple it eats. Once you have completed the target of 15 apples the door will open.

You can move on now to levels 41-50.

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