100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School

100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School

Rooms 41-50 - Escape from School
100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School Guide

Rooms 41-50 - Escape from School

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This is our guide to rooms 41-50 for 100 Doors Games: Escape from School.

Room 41
Tap to collect a cloth hanging on the fork handle on the right hand side. Tap to collect the cleaning spray bottle to the left of the door. Tap the small red handle on the pipe on the right to close the valve and reveal a clue. a=6. Tap on a white ball of paper on the lower right to see a clue B=2. Use the spray on the dirty mirror then use the cloth to wipe it and reveal 3 sums.
a + B
a / B
a x B
Use the answers as a code on the keypad to open the door 8 3 12Show

Room 42
Tap the shield by the desk on the right to view a puzzle. You need to rotate each of the circular pieces to make them match. This is tricky an will require some concentration as moving each one will also move the others. Try getting the inner 2 lined up and then move them slowly to match the outer ring. Keep an eye on the lines of the wood as well as this need to line up. Once done the door will open.

Room 43
There are a selection of snakes and other dangerous animals here. There is also a box on the floor with a skull symbol (poison). Drag and place into the box only the animals that are poisonous. Then the door will open.
Spider on the left wall, Scorpion on the bench, cobra snake on the rightShow

Room 44
Tap on the gramophone player on the left to view 4 pictures of composers.
Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Mozart
You will hear (sound on) a piece of music. You need to tap the correct composer. If you get it right another piece will play and you must do the same, and then a third time.
Answers : Mozart, Tchaikovsky, MozartShow

Room 45
Tap the bin to open it and collect a syringe. Tap to collect a bottle of yellow liquid from on the desk. Then tap to find a bottle or red liquid below the desk. Tap to collect a bottle of blue liquid from the bed. Tap on the laptop screen to the left to see a partial spinning colour wheel.

Tap on the white device on the steps in front of the bed to view the machine. This has 10 tubes that need to be filled with colours. There are 4 already completed. Drag the colored bottles to each tube to add colour. 2 colours can be mixed to make more. When you get the right colour in the bottle it will become capped with that colour.
If you make a mistake you can remove the liquid from the tube with the syringe.

The colours repeat each side. Clockwise from the existing Purple tube: Purple, bluue, green, yellow, orange, red, orange, yellow, green, blue.
Rooms 41-50 - Escape from School


Once done the machine will reveal a 4 digit code 9371Show Use this code in the keypad to open the door.

Room 46
Tap on the game board on the shelf to the left of the door. This opens a football mini game. You will need to hold your device flat and then tilt it gently to roll the ball from the start on the left to the goal on the right without falling into a hole or off the side. You only need to do this once to open the door.

Room 47
Tap to view the board on the right with a circular chart with numbers. There are 9 numbers in groups of 3. One number is missing (?) Work out the missing number.
Blue group - 4 x 23 = 92, Yellow - 9 x 13=117, Red 8 x 15= 120. Use this number in the keypad to open the door

Room 48
Tap to collect a yellow balloon from the desk on the left. Tap to collect a second balloon from the tap at the sink. Tap to collect the bottle of H2O on the stool on the right. Tap to collect the Cylinder of Helium. Combine one of the balloons and the cylinder to inflate the balloon, then place the balloon on the red button on the ceiling to press it. Combine the other balloon with the H2O to make a heavy water balloon. Then place this on the button on the floor. The door will open.

Room 49
Tap to collect a small glass panel from the base of the small fountain. Slide the flower pot by the chair to the right and then tap to collect a second glass panel from under it. Tap to collect a third panel from the leaf of the large plant on the right. Collect a fourth panel from the hanging basket on the top left.

Now tap the lower panel of the door to reveal a puzzle. Place the 4 extra pieces in the gaps and then solve the puzzle by tapping pairs of panels to swap their positions. You can also double tap each panel to rotate it.
Rooms 41-50 - Escape from School

When the panel is complete the door will open.

Room 50
Tap to collect cheese from the green chair on the right. Slide the water dispenser to the left to reveal a mouse in a hole. Give the cheese to the mouse and collect a key.
Slide the water dispenser back and then use the key to open the door.

You can now move on to rooms 51-60.

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