100 Doors Games: Escape from School

Rooms 11-20 - Escape from School

Rooms 11-20 - Escape from School
100 Doors Games: Escape from School Guide

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This is our guide to the second 10 rooms of 100 Doors Games: Escape from School. Rooms 11-20.

Room 11

Tap to collect the H2O bottle on the stool to the right. Tap to collect the Na beaker on the table to the left. Tap to collect the TNT stick from the desk on the left. Drag the H2O to the Na in your inventory to combine them. Then drag and place the TNT at the base of the door. Then drag the burning Na beaker to the TNT to light it. The door is blown open.

Room 12

Tap to collect the oven glove hanging by the door. Tap the red pot on the floor to open it and then use the oven glove on it to collect a key. Use the key to open the door.

Room 13

Find and collect shears (scissors) in the hanging flower basket on the left. Tap to collect a pack of flower seeds on the ground next to the small fountain. Tap to collect the watering can hidden in the lower right. Tap to collect the small trowel on the right.

Use the shears (scissors) to cut down the smaller hanging basket on the left. Use the trowel on the spilled dirt from the broken pot to collect some. Use this trowel with dirt on the pot in the center of the room to fill it. Then add the flower seeds, then use the watering can on it to make the flowers grow and collect a key. Use the key to open the door.

Room 14

Tap the coat on the coat rack to view a note with a number



. Tap the keypad by the door and enter the number.

Room 15

Tap the butterfly painting on the right to open a painting game. Tap to select paint colours on the palette on the left and then tap the correct segments of the picture to colour it. When all the segments are correct the door will open.

Room 16

Tap to collect the green canister below the tool rack. Tap to collect the small nozzle on the ground to thr right of the door. Then combine the 2 in your inventory.

Tap under the school bus to collect some keys.

Use the keys on the panel on the side of the buss, below the words 'School Bus' to open it. Use the green canister on the fuel tank found inside.

Next use the keys on the bus to make it drive away.

Tap the small box seen in the inspection pit under where the bus was and collect a key.

Use the key to open the door and complete the level.

Room 17

Tap a box in the bottom left to collect some wire cutters. Use the cutters on the red toolbox on the chair to open it. Collect 2 screwdrivers. Tap the pipe on the right where it bends to collect a hex key.

Tap a small grey box on the lower of the 2 shelves on the left of the door to view it. There are 6 screws to undo, with 3 different heads. use the appropriate screwdriver or hex key to remove each screw. Once opened collect a key. Use it to open the door.

Room 18

Tap the towel dispenser to the left of the door to reveal a butterfly image. Then tap it again to view the paper close to see the butterfly with N x 12 written.

Note the 2 frames on the left with butterflies, plus the flying butterfly. Tap the x-ray image to the right to view butterflies in the stomach (5). Tap the curtain on the right to close it and reveal butterflies (11).

Total butterflies in the room = 20 (3 + 1 + 5 + 11). 20 * 12 = 240. Tap the keypad and use this number to open the door.

Room 19

Tap and slide the empty box on the floor to the left of the door to move it right and left. Balls will begin to drop from the ceiling.

You must catch the basketballs (orange ones) in the box BUT not catch any others. (you only catch them on the first drop). Once you catch 6 basketballs (and miss all the others) then the door will open.

Room 20

Tap the open school book on the school desk on the right to see 6 pictures of weapons and 6 pictures of ammunition. Tap the matching pairs of weapon and ammunition. Once all pairs are selected the door will open.



Rifle - bullets

Pistol - 6 small dark balls

Cannon - 3 large Cannon Balls

Sling - 4 rocks

Bow - Arrows

Catapult - 3 large rough balls

You can move on now to levels 21-30.

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