100 Doors Games: Escape from School

100 Doors Games: Escape from School

100 Doors Games: Escape from School

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Escape from School is a popular escape room game from Peaksel which challenges you to solve puzzles and find clues in the now over 100 rooms.

As one of the many 100 room style games you will find yourself in a sequence of rooms with specific characteristics, in this case based on the rooms and areas of a school. Some are classrooms, while others are more general.

There are a wide range of puzzles to complete. Some will require you to find object and combine them to get the right results while others will rely on your knowledge.

Hints and Tips for Escape from School

The game takes place in different areas around a school setting, although some seem to have less to do with normal school activities. In many cases the room will play a part in the type of puzzle you are faced with. The art room for example will have puzzles to do with paint, or paintings. Keep this in mind when looking for the clues.

Tap everything and try other ways to interact. There are often items to collect or move and a good start in each room is to tap items that may be important. In some puzzles you may also need to shake or tilt your device to find objects so remember to try all these things if you are stuck.

Some puzzles will require more than just finding objects and can test your knowledge, such as the names of composers or historical events. If you struggle with these then you can try a web search or just look through out Game Guide pages for the hints and solutions for each of the rooms.

The rooms will repeat as you work your way though the game and each time you may be able to spot things that have changed. If you pay attention in class you can find the clues.

This is a well made game with plenty of variety to keep you focused for some time. If you get stuck at any point please check out the Game Guide with all the rooms covered, or head to the Answers Page to ask any questions.

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