100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School

100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School

Rooms 101-110 - Escape from School
100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School Guide

Rooms 101-110 - Escape from School

This is our guide to rooms 101-110 for 100 Doors Games: Escape from School.

Room 101
Tap the shelf below the school desk on the right to open a board puzzle. When you tap the puzzle all the pieces will be revealed to you for a few seconds and then hidden again. You must find and match pairs without making any mistakes to complete the puzzle. The pairs are head gear and weapons from different types of warrior / soldier from ancient to modern.
Rooms 101-110 - Escape from School

Room 102
Tap on the desk to the left to collect a screwdriver. Tap the desk draw to open it and collect a key. Use the screwdriver on the small lower box to the right of the door near the sink. Inside is a jumble of wires, tap to view this and then trace the wires from the colour terminals at the top to see which number they relate to.
Purple = 0
Green= 4
Blue = 5
Orange = 5
Red = 1

Use the key on the padlock of the top electrical box to the right of the door. Open it and view the 5 dials. Set each colour dial to the number indicated in the wires above. The door will open.

Room 103
Note the canvas on the right with the lines and 2 coloured points. Tap on the green safe under the sheet on the left. The dial has 8 coloured markings. There are 8 words in the matching colours. The canvas is a clue to ordering the art styles listed in their chronological order. Rotate the dial to the correct colours in this order to open the safe.
Red - Gothic
orange - Renaissance
purple - Baroque
dark green - Classicism
light blue - Realism
dark blue - Impressionism
light green - Cubism
pink - Pop-art

Open the safe to collect a key. Use the key to open the door.

Room 104
Tap to collect the magnifying glass on the floor. Tap to select the magnifying glass and then move it around the room to examine each of the coloured books on the shelves. Each has a roman numeral and a letter.
Green - I - M
Yellow - II - T
Red - III - K
Purple - IV - B
Blue - V - O

This give us an order and letters. Now tap on the the note in the pocket of the coat on the rack to view it. Here letters are assigned to numbers. Find the numbers for each of the 5 letters
M = T x B = 3x2 = 6
T = 3
K = (U+Y)/W = (4+6) / 2 = 5
B = 2
O = 2

Enter the code 63522Show in the keypad to open the door

Room 105
On the right by the bicycle are 4 logs, each log has a different number of lines on it, the lines indicate age. Count the lines on each log
1, 7, 4, 5Show
On the left are 4 hour glasses, with different amounts of time passed from each. From left to right we can see the first has little time passed, the second has a lot of time passed, the third has a little less time passed and the fourth has all the time gone.
If we arrange the numbers above in term of these times passed we have an order for the numbers
Enter the numbers in the right order 1547Show in the keypad to open the door.

Room 106
Tap below the left table to collect a yellow paper. Tap on the green chair on the right to collect a green paper. Tap on the board to the right of the door to collect a blue paper. Tap on the top left board to find a red paper. Check the torn edges of the 4 pieces of paper in the inventory to determine in which order the would fit together. Blue, green, yellow, red.Show
Match this order of colours with the numbers in the same colour bowls to get a 4 digit code.
Use this number 1359Show in the keypad to open the door.

Room 107
Tap to view the paper on the bench to the left. It contains a formula Ga x He + Ta + Rb - ArShow
Tap the view the periodic table of elements. Find each element on the table as listed in the formula. and get its atomic number to work out the sum.
31 x 2 + 73 + 37 - 18 = 154Show
Use this number in the keypad to open the door

Room 108
Tap to collect a blue bottle from the table on the left. Tap to collect 2 watering cans from the ground and then tap to collect a red bottle from the lower right. Combine the blue bottle with the watering can that has the same up arrow. Combine the red bottle with the watering can with the same down arrow.
Tap a small white dot on the far right wall behind the large plant with the large leaves. You will view a piece of paper with a diagram showing numbers and positions.

Next tap the planters to the right of the room to view then and see 6 pots. You can use the 2 watering cans to make the plants grow longer (up arrow) or shorter (down arrow). Match the plants to the diagram (the numbers are the number of flowers needed). The up arrow will add 2 flowers in length and the down arrow will take 1 away.
Rooms 101-110 - Escape from School

Match the diagram and a key will appear. Use the key to open the door.

Room 109
Tap the board to view a diagram of squares. The small square is marked as 2cm on one side. From this we work out the the next to them must be 6cm on one side. This makes the top row 20cm long. The 2 larger squares are the same so this makes them 10cm on one side.
The blue square is 6x6 = 36, the red square is 10x10 = 100
Enter the number 36100Show in the keypad to open the door

Room 110
Tap the piano keyboard on the far left to view a section of keys. Tap the play button to see notes played to a familiar tune. You must repeat the tune on the keyboard, If you are familiar with the piece and can play this will be easy. if not then you will need to practice.

You can now move on to rooms 111-120. If you have any questions for this game please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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