100 Doors Games: Escape from School

Rooms 101-110 - Escape from School

Rooms 101-110 - Escape from School
100 Doors Games: Escape from School Guide

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This is our guide to rooms 101-110 for 100 Doors Games: Escape from School.

Room 101

Tap to collect the vacuum hose from the left. Tap the desk drawer to collect a screwdriver from the desk on the left. Attach the hose to the vacuum cleaner then select the screwdriver and tap the vacuum to open a mini game puzzle. Tap each piece to rotate it and make a single connected wire between the 2 terminal points. (straight pieces have a correct way round and a wrong way round).


Rooms 101-110 - Escape from School

The vacuum is now working. Tap the vacuum to clean the floor and find a key, use the key to open the door.

Room 102

On the board are 4 letters and number combinations with 2 numbers missing. E=5, N=14, O=? P=?. Work out the missing numbers.


They are the positions in the alphabet. O=15, P=16.

Use the 4 numbers in the keypad to OPEN the door


OPEN=15 16 5 14

Room 103

Tap to collect a white bowl with the letter C (carbon) from the desk on the left. Tap to collect the Blue 'O' cylinder. Tap to collect the white bowl with Co on the right. Tap to collect the bottle with H2O on the stool.

Drag the brown bottle on the bench to the right of the door to make it fall and break. Collect a paper with a clue.

Use the H2) on the glassbeaker on the table. Then use the Carbon, then the O cylinder and then the cylinder again. You will now have a green liquid. Collect this.

Tap the scrap of white paper on the bench to the right of the door to view it. Then use the green liquid on it to reveal a number.

Use the code



to open the door.

Room 104

Tap the board to see a clue with blocks with roman numerals on them moving.

XLIII = 43


VII = 7

XVIII = 18

Take a note of the movement of each and how many steps they take to move from top to bottom. Number of steps


2 4 3 1

Order the numbers according to this and use the code on the keypad to open the door.


18 43 7 28

Room 105

Tap to collect a spade from the far left. Tap to collect 2 metal rods from next to the bicycle. Tap and drag the metal rods around the ground area until they cross at a point to the right of the door, release and an X will be marked on the ground. Use the spade on this mark and a hole will be dig with a key to collect. Use the key to open the door.

Room 106

Tap to collect a red handle from the small fountain. Tap to collect a screwdriver bit from lower right. Combine them in the inventory to make a screwdriver. Tap on a flower pot on the right to collect a small white puzzle piece. Tap on the lower left to collect a screw from a large leaf.

Tap the box in the ground under the table to view it and place the puzzle piece in the center. Then place the screw and use the screwdriver to tighten it. You can now solve this puzzle. Tap each of the 3 wheels to rotate it, move each of the pieces around until you complete the picture of the 3 butterflies.


Rooms 101-110 - Escape from School

Once complete the box will open. Collect a key and use it to open the door.

Room 107

Tap the piano on the left to view a sheet of paper with lines and numbers specified for each line. Tap on the green board to view some musical notes. The notes are arranged on the lines. This one is confusing or badly drawn as the idea is to count the number of notes on each line to get a 5 digit code.

Use the code



in the key pad to open the door.

Room 108

Notice the blue X drawn on the canvas. Tap on the floor in front of the canvases to open a small puzzle game. There are several wooden pieces to arrange. Tap to rotate them and drag to move. Fit them together in an X shape to complete the puzzle. The pieces will snap into place once positioned correctly.


Rooms 101-110 - Escape from School

Room 109

There are 4 birds around the scene, each will make a unique noise when tapped on. Tap the door bell to hear a sequence of bird calls. Repeat this sequence by tapping the birds in the right order to open the door.

Sequence -


Pigeon, Crow, Pigeon, Owl, Parrot, Crow, Owl, Pigeon, Parrot

Room 110

Tap the board on the left to open a mini game. There are 2 red balls and 2 blue balls. The red ones need to be moved to the positions where the blue ones are and the blue go to the red positions. Move them around the board until they are in the right places to complete the puzzle and open the door.

You can now move on to rooms 111-120. If you have any questions for this game please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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