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Escape from school is one of the many 100 doors / rooms style escape puzzle games where you must solve puzzles or find clues in each location to move on to the next. The game itself has more than 100 levels to pass through and the developers, Digital Eagle, state that they will add more.

The game itself features a range of school based rooms and puzzles which vary from simple to hard but are all possible to do quickly and without having to search in multiple locations for items and clues. This makes it a simple game to play and enjoy while still testing your deductive capabilities.

100 Doors Guides - Escape From  School

The rooms you will encounter int he game will repeat but the puzzles that you will need to solve and items you need to find are different each time so it will keep you on your toes. We have put together this growing guide to the rooms to give you the help you need if you get stuck in one room as you progress through the school.

If you find any problems please comment below or if you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.


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