100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School

100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School

Rooms 21-30 - Escape from School
100 Doors Games 2019: Escape from School Guide

Rooms 21-30 - Escape from School

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This is our guide to rooms 21-30 for 100 Doors Games: Escape from School.

Room 21
Tap the sink on the left to collect a piece of a microscope (eyepiece). Tap the right most shelf to collect a second piece (stand). Tap by the bottom left of the door to find a third piece (slide plate). Drag and place the three items onto the table on the left, stand first, then slide plate and then eyepiece.

Tap the assembled microscope to see the slide with a 4 digit number. 7290Show. Use this code on the keypad by the door to open it.

Room 22
Tap to collect the dustpan on the left bench. Tap to collect the broom by the door. Drag and place the dustpan by the spilled food on the floor. Drag and use the broom to sweep the food into the dustpan. The door will open.

Room 23
Tap and collect a knife from the bench on the right. Tap and collect a crowbar by the small fountain. Tap and collect a spoon from the floor by the table on the left.

Use the crowbar on the box to open it. Use the knife on the bag inside to open that. Use the spoon on the open bag to collect some seed from it. Use the spoon of seed on the parrot to reveal a code number. 48575Show. Use the code on the keypad by the door to open it.

Room 24
Tap on the far left to collect a ladder. Drag the ladder to the tree to place it. You can now tap the tin of dog food in the tree to collect it. Drag the dog food tin to the dog bowl in front of the bicycle to feed the dog. The dog will move and the door will open.

Room 25
Tap the 2 pictures on the easel on the right to view a spot the difference puzzle. Find 5 differences to solve it and open the door.
umbrella in center
animal on lower right
boat in top left
missing small figure (child) just to the left of the 2 largest people.
glass in hand of man in lower left.

Room 26
Tap on the hanging squares above the door to turn them round and reveal the letters. They will turn back again, but note the placement of the letters. You need to tap then in the right order to spell out a word, when you do the letters will remain.
M O Z A R TShow

Room 27
Tap to collect a roll of tape on the desk to the left. Tap to collect a long handle by the sink. Tap to collect a mop head from behind the chair. Tap to collect a red wrench from the draw of the desk. Use the wrench on the dripping pipe above the puddle to stop the water leak.

Combine the mop head and handle in the inventory then use the mop on the water puddle to clear it. Use the tape on the loose electrical wire on the floor to repair it. Now tap the switch to the right of the door to open it.

Room 28
The door has a panel with 4 animal drawings. Each one can be changed by tapping the arrow buttons to the left and right. Note the image on the board with 4 circles of different sizes. Change the animals until you have 4 with sizes that match the board. Frog Rhino Snake WhaleShow

Room 29
There are 5 basketballs on the floor and a net on the right. You need to drag and drop all 5 basket balls to score in the net before the count down timer on the left runs out.

Room 30
Tap the bin by the door to open it then tap again to collect some broken glass. Tap the draws on the left to open it and then tap again to collect some glue. Tap the small concertina screen above the bed on the right to view it, then use the glue on it. Next use the broken glass on the screen to place the pieces around the screen.

This is a jigsaw puzzle. Reassemble the pieces to complete the mirror and reveal a code number 21825Show. Use this code on the keypad by the door to open it.

You can move on now to levels 31-40.

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