100 Doors Games: Escape from School

Rooms 131-140 - Escape from School

Rooms 131-140 - Escape from School
100 Doors Games: Escape from School Guide


This is our guide to Rooms 131 - 140 for 100 Doors Games: Escape from School

Room 131

Tap on the table on the left left to collect some wire cutters. Tap on the computer case on the floor top open a puzzle. Cut pairs of wires of the same colour until there are 2 left with different colours Note the numbers for these (clock face numbers) 12 and 5. Use the code



in the keypad to open the door.

Room 132

Tap on the stool with the violin to collect a gold guitar pick.Tap on the lower right next to the chair to collect a cable. Drag the cable to the electric guitar on the left to connect it to the Amplifier.

Now tap the guitar to view it on the screen. Tap the knobs on the left to rotate them until they all line up with the indicated marks.

Once done use the pick on the guitar to strum and the door will open.

Room 133

Note the 6 colours on the board. Tap the light switch to turn off the lights and the board will now show a moving circle of colours with sums in each colour. Work out the values.


Yellow = 7

Orange = 2

Red = 9

Blue = 5

Purple = 0

Green = 3

Use the numbers in the order shown with the lights on in the keypad



to open the door.

Room 134

Tap on the red chair under the desk on the left to view a paper with 8 names of revolutions throughout history. Each one is a different color. Notice the board has a timeline with 2 colored dots. Work out the historical order of the revolutions from earliest to most recent.

Tap on the safe on the floor and use the colour sequence from the order of revolutions to turn the dial. Open the safe to collect a key , use the key to open the door.


English 1642 - Red

Glorious 1688 - Light green

Industrial 1760 - Pink

American 1765 - Dark blue

French 1789 - Light blue

October 1917 - Dark Green

Cuban 1959 - Purple

Iranian 1978 - Orange

Room 135

Tap to collect the H2SO4 (Acid) bottle from the bench on the right. Slide the bowl on the table to the left or right to see a pipette (dropper) behind it under the desk top. Tap to collect it. Combine the dropper with the H2SO4 then use it on the 4 brackets holding the chain on the door. The door will open.

Room 136

Tap to collect the box of dominoes on the left. Tap to view the box on the table to the right. Drag the dominoes to the screen to place them on the box. You then nee to arrange them in the white track to fit in and match the ends as in dominoes.



Rooms 131-140 - Escape from School

Once these are all in place the box will be open to reveal a clue for the door code. Check the letters order.




Room 137

Tap to view a paper in the banging basket to the left of the door to see 2 colours with numbers Orange 0, Green 3. Note the 10 coloured bricks on the ground these represent numbers, from 0-9.

Tap to collect some glass pieces from the floor in front of the door. Tap the top coloured glass panel in the door to view a pattern puzzle. Use the glass pieces on the puzzle to place them to the sides then tap each and place them in the right places in the puzzle. Complete the puzzle as shown.


Rooms 131-140 - Escape from School

Beams of sunlight will then illuminate 3 of the bricks on the ground. Use the number revealed



in the keypad to open the door.

Room 138

Tap the window sill on the left to collect a small red bottle, Tap the cupboard of the desk top open it and collect a small green bottle. Tap below the draws under the bed to collect a small pink bottle. Tap on the eye chart screen above the bed to view 3 changing images of shapes in each of the same 3 colours. make a note of the shapes for each color. These are clues to pills.

Tap on a pill dispenser item that is on the bed to the right behind the curtain. Place the pill bottles in to the dispenser. You need to tap buttons to drop the right pills into each bottle according to the images. Each shape in the image represent a type of pill, + = the round pill with the + shape on it, - = round pill with line, Circle is the empty round pill. Then the 2 others are the long pills.

Adding the pills is complicated by the fact that each button drops a different pill. Buttons 1,2,3,4 and 5 (left to right) will drop pills from positions as follows:

1 = 4

2 = 3

3 = 1

4 = 5

5 = 2

Move the bottles around and drop the right pills in, when each bottle has the right pills the lid will attach and you can move on to the next. If you make a mistake pull the lever on the right to reset.

Once done drag the 3 completed bottles to the coloured slots to the right of the door. You will receive a key. Use the key to open the door.

Room 139

Tap to collect the green screwdriver under the workbench by the door. Use the screwdriver on the small grey box by the top right of the door to open it.

This is a mini game.

Each of the connectors in the circuit can be rotated and also moved to other positions by dragging them.

Tap the switches on either end to see the lines light up with colours.

Arrange each of the connectors so that the correct colours line up with the wires to complete the circuit.



Rooms 131-140 - Escape from School

Once done the green light will be on, tap this to open the door.

Room 140

Tap the note in the coat pocket to see a number 194026. Tap the keypad to enter the code, however the numbers are missing and jumbled. To enter the code you have to work out where the numbers are.



The keypad numbers are backwards (right to left) and the 5 and 0 are swapped.

9 8 7

6 0 4

3 2 1

- 5 -

That is the end of the game - at least until they add more levels. If you have any questions about the game please head to the answer page to ask there.

Rooms 131-140 - Escape from School

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