The Grand Mafia

The Grand Mafia Guide

The Grand Mafia Guide

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The Grand Mafia is a Strategy game from YottaGame where you get to experience a vice city, command faction wars, collect thugs and enforcers, as well as play with other players world wide. This game's story lets you take a journey in order to become a legendary Mafia Boss.

The Grand Mafia Guide

You'll have to deal with different kinds of people and recruit them to your team, as well as deal with different kinds of enemies, as well as the law. This guide will aim to help you learn about the basics of the game in the beginning, as well as the different gameplay features that you'll be experiencing. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there. We aim the guide for you to learn more about the following areas:

Starter Guide

Playing the game from the beginning can be overwhelming since there are a lot of menus that you'll be able to unlock. Not knowing which areas to check in the game can be daunting, so we have prepared a 2 part Starter Guide for you. Here you'll get the basics of the game so you'll know which activities to do, while you'll come up with your own game routine along the way.

Enforcer Guide

Knowing more about the people you'll command is needed in order for you to run a successful Mafia. Your enforcers are your right-hands that will lead your defenses, as well as the crew that you have in battle. In our Enforcer Guide, you'll be able to check the basics of enforcers as well as how to strengthen them!

Turf Guide

Expanding your Turf will require preparation and battle. Not only will you choose a location in the city, but you'll have to expand your turf grounds in order for you to place various facilities in order to get better influence and power. Our page on how to expand your turf will provide you with the details for this!

Resource Facilities Guide

Different facilities are available in the game that provide effects for improving your turf. All of them however, will cost you resources in order to develop and improve. There are several Resource Facilities in the game that you must upgrade in order for you to get a steady source, our guide provides their functions as well as different possible upgrades!

More guides are available on the right hand side of our page. You'll find out basic guides, more about your turf, as well as events in the game.

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The Grand Mafia Guide

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