The Grand Mafia

The Grand Mafia Starter Guide (Part 2)

The Grand Mafia Starter Guide (Part 2)
The Grand Mafia Guide


Welcome to The Grand Mafia Starter Guide - Part 2! Here, we'll be continuing off where we left off in order to help you get started with the game. If you haven't read part 1, please head there first in order to know where to start off since this game can be quite overwhelming when you start out.

In our second part of the guide, we'll discuss what you need to do with your facilities, how to expand your mafia's territory, managing your people, as well as playing other features of the game. Combining all of this in total will help you learn about the game's features, as well as help you establish a routine to optimize your gameplay. Let's get started!

5. Collect your resources from your facilities

If you have reached Chapter 3-2, you should have constructed at least each building that produces the resources that you need. If you look at the top side of the screen, you’ll find that there are 5 types of resources that you can obtain. Aside from the tasks that you complete to get rewards, you can get them on your own through the following facilities:

  • Bank: Used to produce Cash

  • Gunsmith: Used to produce Arms

  • Warehouse: Used to produce Cargo

  • Smelter: Used to produce Metal

  • Diamond Lab: Used to produce Diamonds

    The Grand Mafia Resource Facilities
    The Grand Mafia Resource Facilities

    You can claim resources from these facilities by clicking their respective icons floating on top of them. Upgrading them will produce more resources for you, and remember that each upgrade will require more time as well as resources, so balance their levels with each other.

  • 6. Expand your Turf

    If you look at the edge of your property, you’ll see grey clouds covering the area. Clicking this will bring you to the next task that you need in order to expand your territory. These let you fight other people in the area, and in doing so you’ll be able to unlock new lots that you can construct more buildings in. One thing to take note when expanding your turf is your Influence level. You cannot keep expanding if your influence level is not enough, so make sure to level up and check your daily tasks.

    Expand your Turf
    Expand your Turf

    You have options for peaceful takeovers, or violent repression. Any plan you choose is fine, and you’ll need to launch an attack at the city after. Once you defeated the opponents, you can then expand. An important factor however is your current number of associates and their strength, so always level them up through the training center!

    7. Strengthen your Enforcer and Associates

    Battles in The Grand Mafia involve you sending your people in order to attack others. Enforcers are the characters in the game that act as the respective leaders for their men which are the associates. You need to train as much associates as possible through the training center in order to increase their numbers. Upgrading the center lets you gain access to higher tiered associates.

    Strengthen Enforcer
    Strengthen Enforcer

    You can strengthen your enforcer by pressing the “Enforcers” button on the lower side of the menu. From there, you can increase their level, skills, give them gear as well as battle skills. In doing so, you’ll be able to level up and get better power when fighting against others in the campaign, story, or the city.

    8. Play through the game’s Campaign

    There’s a tall statue in your turf which is where you’ll access the game’s main campaign. Aside from doing your story and tasks, the campaign lets you go through different stages where you’ll send out your men in order to defeat others and get rewards.

    Campaign Mode
    Campaign Mode

    In the campaign, you’ll send your enforcers to fight, and this consumes Stamina. You can challenge enemies, or use the instant clearance button if you have met the requirements based on your influence level. If you decide to challenge, you’ll choose your enforcers and let them go on a brawl.

    Campaign Progression
    Campaign Progression

    When challenging others, they’ll automatically attack the waves of enemies ahead. The green bar shows their HP while the yellow shows their skill. Once their skill bar is full, their icon will blink icon and you can launch It versus enemies. Completing the campaign provides you with rewards as well as EXP. So, make sure to finish up your Stamina as much as you can each day so it won’t be wasted.

    This concludes The Grand Mafia Starter Guide, we hope this helps you with starting your game and developing your mafia family! This game can be information overload when you start, but you can get the hang of it once you know what routine you’ll be doing. We’ll be creating more guides to go in-depth with other features of the game as well so please stay tuned to our other pages!

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