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Associates Facilities Guide
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Sending out your Enforcers to attack in the city will require them to have associates as their henchmen. They are the backbone in terms of overall power, and you’ll need to train them in order to be successful in your attacks. Along the way, you’ll need more resources, so attacking another player’s turf to plunder them is a good way of claiming more.

In this guide, we’ll discuss about the importance of the different facilities that relate to your associates. Not only do they provide your force for attacks, but you’ll need to focus on increasing their tiers in order to help strengthen your influence as well. Let’s get started!

The Training Center

So how can you acquire associates that you can hire? One of the basic facilities in The Grand Mafia is the training center. Here you can have different tier of associates that can be a part of your team. Higher tiers will provide you with more power, and this can help in turf war or with attacking other players.

The Grand Mafia Training Center
The Grand Mafia Training Center

In order to get higher Tier associates. You can click the lock icon to see the upgrade requirements. One of the basics for unlocking is by getting the correct investment of crew through the Investment Center. If you unlock higher tier troops, you can upgrade your lower tier ones to the higher.

Take note though, that there is a cash upkeep for your associates. Think of this as their salary, so having a huge number of associates will drain your cash each hour. This is why upgrading your bank, or getting more cash is needed if you plan to keep a lot of associates. Training Associates will increase their numbers, which will use resources as well as increasing the cash upkeep.

You can upgrade lower tier to higher ones once unlocked
You can upgrade lower tier to higher ones once unlocked

You can unlock up to Tier 4 Associates in the Investment Center, and then train them accordingly. The bonus of increasing your associate tiers is that they can defend your turf automatically as long as they are not deployed. Higher tiered associates provide better defenses!

Training Center Upgrades

So what are the bonuses that you can get for upgrading the training center? You’ll want to be able to maximize each training session for your associates, right? If you upgrade the center, you’ll be able to increase the maximum training capacity which means you can have more associates of a certain tier per session.

At higher upgrades, training sessions have a longer timer, so you’ll want to have as much trained people at once. Not only that, but you’ll get increased influence for your underboss. Here is the list of upgrades below:

Level Training Capacity Increase Influence
1 20 18
2 40 36
3 80 54
4 120 75
5 160 106
6 220 148
7 280 208
8 360 290
9 440 407
10 520 569
11 620 797
12 720 1,115
13 820 1,562
14 940 2,187
15 1,060 3,062
16 1,180 4,286
17 1,320 6,000
18 1,460 8,401
19 1,600 11,761
20 1,760 16,465
21 1,920 23,052
22 2,080 32,272
23 2,260 45,181
24 2,500 63,253
25 5,000 107,530

Extra Effects: You can increase the DEF of your crew as well through specific upgrade levels of the training center. Since they defend your turf from attacks, having these bonuses are important! You can get a percentage of def increase through the following levels:

  • 6: 1%

  • 12: 2%

  • 18: 3%

  • 24: 4%

  • 25: 10%

  • The Hospital

    Taking care of your associates should they get wounded is important. They provide you with the correct influence and they are the ones who are sent out for recons and attacks. If a lot of your associates are just in the hospital, then they won’t be able to do their duties.

    The Grand Mafia Hospital
    The Grand Mafia Hospital

    The Hospital is a facility that heals your associates, but they have a specific capacity only. This is why you must heal your associates often as soon as you see them wounded. If you fill up your hospital capacity and wound more associates, then you might lose them! Only 60% of your associates that conduct in turf expansion, attacking, raiding, and city hall related actions are sent to the hospital as well.

    Managing your healing time and your attacks are needed in order to prevent losses. So, if you send out your troops, check your hospital if any healing is required. The more associates sent here, then the higher wait time you’ll have to go through to get them healed.

    Hospital Upgrades

    If you don’t want to lose a lot of associates through wounds, you’ll want to have your hospital to have better capacity, right? Increasing your hospital’s upgrade levels will exactly do this and they’ll be able to take in more patients. Not only that, but you can increase your influence level too. Here is the list of upgrades available for the hospital:

    Level Hospital Capacity Increase Influence
    1 1,000 12
    2 1,500 24
    3 2,200 36
    4 3,000 50
    5 4,500 70
    6 6,000 99
    7 7,500 139
    8 9,000 193
    9 10,500 271
    10 12,000 380
    11 135,000 531
    12 15,000 744
    13 16,500 1,041
    14 18,000 1,458
    15 19,500 2,041
    16 21,000 2,857
    17 22,500 3,001
    18 24,000 5,600
    19 25,500 7,841
    20 27,000 10,977
    21 28,500 15,367
    22 30,500 21,515
    23 32,500 30,121
    24 34,500 42,168
    25 40,000 71,687

    Extra Effects: Maximizing this facility’s level is important because you’ll get an increased Crew HP by 5%. This will provide more health for them that lets them withstand more attacks compared to their opponents. This is important for defending your turf, as well as during attacks that you initiate versus others.

    The Safehouse

    What if you’re under attack, and you aren’t strong enough? Will you just watch as your turf gets plundered and you lose your troops? Thankfully, not all is lost if this happens. The Safehouse is a facility that requires your attention should someone send a march to your turf.

    The Grand Mafia Safehouse
    The Grand Mafia Safehouse

    If you check your incoming opponents, or if there’s a raid that will arrive, you’ll want to protect your Underboss as well as Associates, right? After all, you have spent a lot of time training your associates, you wouldn’t want them to die. Your Underboss also has specialties that provide bonuses to your turf, so if they get captured, then you won’t be able to use them.

    The Safehouse lets you hide your Underboss and Associates for a time period of your choice. This doesn’t happen automatically however, and you must be in the game just in case any attack occurs. You can keep them in the safe house for 1 hour, up to 12 hours in total. This is useful if your turf doesn’t have a shield, and if you’re planning to go to sleep.

    This facility provides this feature as is, and there’s no upgrades that you need to do. So use this according to your liking since it helps protect your invested associates and underboss from harm. Checking your training center, hospital, and safehouse are all important facilities in order to ensure your turf strength is maintained.

    We hope that this guide helps you with keeping your associates trained, and safe. We’ll be creating more guides to go in-depth with other features of the game as well so please stay tuned to our other pages!

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