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The Strongest Leader

The Strongest Leader
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The Strongest Leader is a recurring faction event where you’ll have to perform different tasks in order to get points. There will be 5 stages of activities that you’ll do, and you can aim for personal points for rewards, and with your group effort, you’ll be able to work with your faction as a whole in order to get better.

Here, we’ll be discussing the mechanics of the Strongest Leader event, as well as the possible rewards that you can get.

The Strongest Leader Mechanics

In this event, you’ll be provided with stages that will span over the event’s duration. There are 5 stages total and you’ll perform different kinds of activities such as building, robbery, training of crew, etc.

The Strongest Leader Event
The Strongest Leader Event

For each activity that you have completed, you’ll gain personal points, as well as faction points. This will then be added up and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. When checking the event, you won’t know the next activity since it will be shown as locked. So, you’ll have to do your best and make use of your resources once this event is ongoing.

The Strongest Leader Rewards

Rewards provided in the Strongest Leader are provided per points that you have received. For personal rewards, you’ll have to reach the following points in order to increase your tier rewards:

Tier 1: 3,300 Points

Tier 2: 12,000 Points

Tier 3: 66,600 Points

Possible Rewards: Underboss EXP, Varying amount of Resources, 5 Minute Speedups, 30 Minute Speedups, Gold, Rare Family Crate, Energy Drink

The rewards will vary each stage, but they rotate between those kinds. Another reward provided is based on the stage’s personal rankings, as well as faction rankings. The top 10 players and factions in the City will be able to get the rewards. All of these, contain Gold, as well as varying amount of resources.

The Strongest Leader Tips

It would be best for you to prepare for this event in advance. Since the list of activities aren’t shown until the stage is over, it would be best for you to follow these tips to get as much points as possible:

1. Save your Resources in case there will be activities that require building. Having building related speedups will also be handy so keep them in stock.

2. Save your Speed-Ups since there can be activities that will require you to train. When paired up with higher Tiered associated, you'll be able to get better results.

3. Unlock high tier associates as fast as you can since they can provide better points. Check the investment center's crew section to unlock more tiers.

4. Strengthen your enforcers and crew in order to be successful in attack type of activities. Providing your enforcers with gear as well as ranking them up will help.

5. Try to join an active faction before this event starts. The more participants there are, then the higher chances you’ll get good rewards.

We hope that our guide has helped you with this Event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below.

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