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You’ve got a city to run, as well as your mafia family to grow. As the leader, you’ll need to have trusted people around you that can do their jobs. In the Grand Mafia, you get to have enforcers lead your associates when fighting others and claiming victory, you might be wondering what you need to do with your enforcers as well.

In this guide, we’ll discuss about how you can help your enforcer grow, as well as how to choose the right one for the job. With different enforcers available, you’ll need to unlock them as well. Strengthening your enforcers can affect your game as well, so let’s get started.

Enforcer’s Level and Grade

If you’re a Mafia Boss, you’ll need your right-hand men to command. They in turn will be the leads for your associates whenever they battle in the city. Your enforcers are also the ones that you send out to fight in the game’s campaign mode, so strengthening them is needed.

In order for you to learn more about your enforcers, you should know about what they can do. If you click the “Enforcers” button on the bottom side of your screen, you can see the list of enforcers that you have, and the ones that can be unlocked below.

Level and Grade
Level and Grade

Enforcer’s Level: This refers to the number that you’ll see on the upper left side of the screen beside their nickname. Their overall level will affect their stats, and they also determine your total influence level. You can level your Enforcers up and they’ll reach their limit based on your current level as the Underboss.

To increase level: You need to send your Enforcer out in the campaign mode, defeat Kingpins, as well as using Enforcer EXP items.

Grade Level: You can see a progress bar in the middle of the screen where you can upgrade if you have enough Enforcer’s tokens. When starting out, you’ll find that their upgrade level is called Plain, but what does this mean? Your upgrade level will determine how effective your skills are, so you’ll get stronger based your current upgrade level.

  • The Grade level are as follows: Plain > Simple > Rare > Elite > Grand

    Enforcer Grade
    Enforcer Grade

    There are multiple levels such as Plain +1, Plain + 2, and so forth before you reach the next level. In order to know how much bonuses, they give to your skills, you can click on a skill below and see the grade buffs list. The higher grade you get, the more stronger your enforcer is with their skills.

  • Enforcer’s Gear and Rank

    Enforcer’s Gear and Rank: As the name implies, this refers to the equipment that you provide for your Enforcers. Not all gears are the same for each Enforcer, so you need to click them to find where you can get it. Gears provide buffs to your Enforcer’s stats which will strengthen them.

    Gear increases stats, completing a set increases rank
    Gear increases stats, completing a set increases rank

    Gear is important, because this determines how you Rank up your Enforcer. Once you have completed 6 pieces of gear, you’ll be able to rank up as shown on the badges on the right side. Ranking up is important because this determines how many associates they can command. Ranking up also determines their increased attributes, as well as unlocking skills.

    Rank Bonuses
    Rank Bonuses

    In order to view your Enforcer’s attributes, go to the Battle Skill tab and press the icon on the lower right side beside the attributes listed. This will provide you a detailed list of all attributes for your enforcer. Ranking up by completing gear is important in order for you to strengthen your team.

    Attribute List
    Attribute List

    Enforcer’s Skills and Battle Skills

    Enforcer’s Skills: The regular skills of an enforcer are separated from their battle skills as seen on their separate tabs. For their regular skills, you will find 4 that are listed. You can unlock more skills based on your Enforcer’s current rank level. Their regular skills can be classified into three categories: Combat, Tactics, and Development. You can learn which type of skill that you have if you click on them, and it will be listed below the skill name. So, what do these mean?

    Click on a skill to check its type
    Click on a skill to check its type

    Combat: This type of skill will only be in effect if you have sent this Enforcer out with your associates/crew. They provide bonuses such as increasing your crew’s attack. Different effects can vary as well, so you’ll need to see what each enforcer is capable of.

    Tip: If you have reached Turf level 25, you’ll have the capability of sending 5 enforcers with your crew. This means you can have a combination of up to 5 different buffs which will power up the entire team when you send them out.

    Tactics: These provide you with skills that can be automatically used if your enforcer is teamed with the correct associate type. For example, you can deal increased damage if you have a crew of bruisers which is needed for your enforcer. These are effective when fighting raids, turf wars, as well as resource fights.

    Tip: If you want to maximize the damage potential when using tactics skills, try to raise your enforcer’s rank as well as unlocking and upgrading the corresponding associates needed.

    Development: This skill takes in effect once you have unlocked it. They provide bonuses to your facilities in your turf such as increasing investment speed, construction speed, etc. This is a good way for you to help with strengthening and improving your facilities.

    Tip: Not all Enforcers have development skills, so read on each one of them by checking their skill list. Once you find an enforcer with the beneficial development skill, you can then rank them up to increase their skill levels.

    Battle Skills: So, what makes battle skills different and why are they in a separate tab? Remember that all battles in the game are not the same since there is the campaign mode. There, you let your enforcers fight waves of enemies and you can tap your enforcer to activate them.

    Battle Skills are used in Campaign
    Battle Skills are used in Campaign

    This is where battle skills come into play since they are the ones used for those types of battles. Depending on the type of enforcer that you have, they can have unique skills which can be activated, or passive skills that provide needed buffs.

    Which Enforcers should you get?

    The Grand Mafia isn’t a gacha game therefore acquiring enforcers isn’t easy since you don’t get to do random draws. In order to get enforcer tokens, you’ll have to unlock them by playing the campaign, or through events. To know how to obtain tokens for a locked enforcer, you can click on the “Get More” button at the middle of the screen. You’ll find the location of the enforcer you’d want.

    Combine Enforcer Teams with specific Crew bonuses
    Combine Enforcer Teams with specific Crew bonuses

    In terms of which enforcer that you’d like to use, that’s entirely up to you. You can have a team of up to 5 Enforcers in battle, so mixing and matching them would be great. You may also want to use specific enforcers based on their skills if they match the number of how many associates that you have or you can simply make do with what you currently own since acquiring new enforcers can take some time. For example, if you have a crew filled with bruisers, you should have a team full of the same types that can get the same benefits such as Machote, Deathlok, etc.

    We hope that this guide helps you understand more about your Enforcers as well as their importance! With turf wars, campaign battles, and other types of battles, having good enforcers are needed. We’ll be creating more guides to go in-depth with other features of the game as well so please stay tuned to our other pages!

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