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As the Underboss, you get to have some assistants that can help you relax and gain benefits. In the Grand Mafia, you can have several ladies assist you with different bonuses in your turf, and you can receive gifts from them as well.

Based on their talents, you’ll be able to provide upgrades such as increased speed for your activities, or improved facility functions. In this guide, we’ll discuss the different ladies available in the game that can become your assistants.

Babes Available

So how many ladies can become your assistants in the Grand Mafia? When starting the game, you’ll already get acquainted to Olivia as your starting one. You can then unlock three more depending on the mansion level.

The Grand Mafia Babe System
The Grand Mafia Babe System

How to unlock all babes: If you want to unlock all of the babes available in the game, you will increase your Mansion’s level to level 21. You can get the following babes in order:

  • Olivia

  • Iskania

  • Julia

  • Camila

    Each of them has their own benefits in terms of talents and skills as well. In the Babe interface, you can change their outfits, check their skills, talents, provide them gifts, and go on a date once your mansion level is 15. You’ll see a heart level on the upper right side, and this is your babe’s favor. You can improve this through playing games with them or going on dates. This in turn will provide you with more talents, as well as know more about their bio.

  • Babe Skills and Talents

    Each lady has their own corresponding skill that can be used every now and then. You can access them through the main screen on your turf by clicking on the pink gun icon on the left side. Here is the list of skills each babe provides (X will depend on your babe’s skill level):

    Babe Name Skill Effects
    Olivia Production Expedition Used to gain X hours worth of produced Resources.
    Iskania Construction Sidekick Use this to increase construction's help times by X. (Doesn't exceed current help limit)
    Julia Energy Replenishment Gain X Energy after using, but will not exceed your Max Energy.
    Camila Quick Robbery Complete X Robbery(s) instantly after use.

    Their skills can be leveled up if you go on dates with them, and this feature is unlocked once you reach level 15 for your mansion. So, depending on the skill that you’d like to use often, go on a date with the corresponding babe you’d like to improve on.

    Each babe also has talents that can improve your activities and facilities such as increasing speed, capacity, etc. You can check this through the talent tree, and you can unlock more talents by increasing your babe’s favor by playing games. Talents will require Talent Points. You can obtain this through your Commercial Street facility.

    Commercial Street and Upgrades

    The Commercial Street is a facility that you can construct in order to create talent points for your babe. So if you want to maximize your babe’s talents, you must increase your production and your babe’s talent points capacity. Increasing this facility’s level will also improve your influence.

    The Grand Mafia Commercial Street
    The Grand Mafia Commercial Street

    Commercial Street Upgrades:

    Level Talent Points Production / Hour Talent Points Capacity Increase Influence
    1 1 12 34
    2 2 24 68
    3 4 28 102
    4 6 72 142
    5 8 96 200
    6 11 132 280
    7 14 168 392
    8 18 216 548
    9 22 312 1,076
    11 31 372 1,504
    12 36 432 2,108
    13 41 492 2,950
    14 47 564 4,130
    15 53 636 5,784
    16 59 708 8,096
    17 66 792 11,334
    18 73 876 15,868
    19 80 960 22,214
    20 88 1,056 31,102
    21 96 1,152 43,542
    22 104 1,248 60,958
    23 113 1,356 85,342
    24 125 1,500 119,478
    25 250 3,000 203,112

    Your turf’s production efficiency will be helped through your babe, and their skills will provide you with effects that you need as well depending on your situation. By increasing your Mansion’s level, you’ll be able to improve their skills through Dates, and you can enjoy different games to play with them.

    Checking on your babe can be a part of your routine in the Grand Mafia. We hope this helps you get an understanding of this system as well. Don’t forget to check our other pages as well for the Grand Mafia! If you have any other questions, please let us know, or check our Answers Page.

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