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Personal and Hell Events

Personal and Hell Events
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Getting rewards that will help you develop your turf, as well as your crew will help you develop it further. With different kinds of activities in the game, having an event that rewards for you for trying to get better influence is a must. In the Grand Mafia, this is what the Personal Event and Hell Events are about!

Here we’ll discuss about how you can get more resources, simply by focusing on your turf as well as your associates. We’ll be discussing the Personal Event’s mechanics, rewards, as well as tips!

Personal and Hell Event Mechanics

So, how exactly does the personal event work? This is an event that actually just provides you with rewards based on the activities that you normally do in your turf already. It helps you get resources by completing the following tasks:

The Grand Mafia Personal Event
The Grand Mafia Personal Event

  • Construction: Increase the influence of your buildings (1 point)

  • Investment: Increase your influence by investing (1 point)

  • Training: Train T1/T2/T3/T4 Associates (1/2/5/15 Points). Upgrade T1/T2/T3 Associates (1/3/10 Points)

    As you reach the point requirements, you’ll get increased tiers that will provide you with resources that can help in the development of your turf. What’s good about this event is that it is recurring, therefore you’ll be experiencing this event often in the game.

    For Hell Events: The premise is the same, except you get one random activity instead. This could be the same as the personal event, but you can also get unique ones where you will need to take Kingpins down, etc. The different of hell events are that they have a short duration, so your main goal is for you to get as much points as possible to get into the ranks.

    Hell Event Activities and Rewards Change often
    Hell Event Activities and Rewards Change often

  • Personal and Hell Event Rewards

    The rewards that you can receive from the Personal Event will include 3 tiers of points. All of which can provide you with resources and speedups that will help you with your turf. Once you have completed all tiers, you can continue the same tanks and try to aim for rankings which provide more rewards. Here is the list of rewards available for this event, as well as their corresponding tier points:

    Note: The amount of rewards varies each time the event is ongoing, so we’ll just put the type of reward is given out. Also, the points needed can change as well.

    Tier Rewards
    Tier 1 Resources
    Tier 2 Speedup, Resources, Energy
    Tier 3 Rare Family Crate, Speedup, Resources, Plain Gear Crate

    Hell Event Rewards are similar where they have 3 tiers. But the points and rewards provided may change as well depending on the activity. You still get the same rewards in terms of speedups, cates, and resources, but you also get additional ones such relocators, rare crates, and more. The rewards in this event are higher in amount as well.

    Personal and Hell Event Tips

    Since all of the activities in the game require your usual actions for your turf, saving up your speedups for the tasks will be helpful. Here are some other tips that can help you with the Personal event:

    1. For Construction related activities, being able to get the second construction slot can help you with more points. Try to upgrade facilities that can give high influence, and use your building speedups when you can.

    2. For investment related activities, check which investments provide better influence. You can also use your speedups for investments to get more points.

    3. For Training related activities, try to unlock high tiered associates. You can then train and upgrade lower tiered associates to higher ones for more points. Use training speedups to get better rewards.

    We hope that our guide has helped you with this Event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below.

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