The Grand Mafia

How to expand your Turf

How to expand your Turf
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Your Mansion is surrounded by different gang members, and you need to show them who is boss. You’ll want to have more land area in order for you to set up your facilities so you can get more resources and items, so you won’t let anyone stand in your way in order for you to let your family grow.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to expand your turf so you can get more access to plots of land that can be used according to your liking. In order to expand, you’ll have to fight for your turf and take over other gangs.

Participate in Turf Battles

Your surroundings will be covered in a grey cloud which needs to be cleared through several turf battles. In order to know where to go, you can simply click the Grey Cloud that covers the area, and you’ll be directed to a fight.

Click the cloud to expand
Click the cloud to expand

There will be several stages of Turf Battles that you’ll need to do. You can choose to have a peaceful takeover, or a violent one. Either way, you’ll have to battle it out in order to gain more land. You’ll find an area where you can do a Turf Battle if you find an icon with a boss with a red background.

An influence requirement can be shown on the bottom, then you’ll see the list of buildings you can construct on the plot of land. Once you try to engage in battle, you’ll need to send your associates for battle in order to win the turf war.

You can only participate a turf battle with the correct influence requirement
You can only participate a turf battle with the correct influence requirement

Depending on the turf battle you are participating in, the level of associates that your opponents have will be displayed. There may be a chance where trying to challenge them will become unsuccessful since you do not have enough power. So only challenge them if you have imminent victory available.

Check if you have the proper associates
Check if you have the proper associates

How to strengthen your associates

If you plan to expand your Turf, your main goal is to train your associates and have the correct Tiers possible. Towards the end of your turf expansion, you’ll need to at least reach T3 for your associates. So, in order to do this, you will need to focus on the following facilities:

  • Investment Center

  • Training Center

    If you check the Investment center, you can see that part of the trees that you can upgrade are for Crew. Here you’ll see a list of crew bonuses you can unlock. Your goal is to aim for Tier 3 Troops eventually, so click the following to see the requirements for unlocking: Hard Hitter, Marksman, Speed Demon, Rocket Rhino. Once you have all of these unlocked, you can gain access to all Tier 3 Troops.

    Investment Center > Crew
    Investment Center > Crew

    You’ll then need to train them in order to get a proper amount that you can send out on a turf battle. By going to the Training Center, you can train a specific number of associates for battle. Any previous Tiers can be upgraded to the latest ones as well.

    Training Center
    Training Center

    Once you have enough associates that can match the Turf War, you can challenge them and take over. You will then be able to fully expand your turf accordingly. We hope that this guide has helped you with turf expansion, as well as the things you need to focus on. We’ll be creating more guides to go in-depth with other features of the game as well so please stay tuned to our other pages!

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