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Vault and Black Market

Vault and Black Market
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Your resources are very important in order to keep your operations running as the Underboss. In the Grand Mafia, you’ll want to defend yourself versus threats such as enemy attacks, however there will be instances where there are stronger enemies out there that can attack you.

Unless you’re using a shield, failing to defend your turf will lead to losses in your resources. So, what can you do in order to get back from an attack? The Vault and the Black Market are resources that can help you keep parts of your resources safe, plus you can ask help from your faction members too. So let’s learn more about these facilities.

Vault Functions

You may be just starting out, or perhaps you’re in a city that has a long of strong factions. Protecting your turf will require using shields, or perhaps you’ll need help from your faction members. However, it can be inevitable that another turf will aim to attack your settlement and you won’t be able to defend versus their attack power and levels.

The Grand Mafia Vault
The Grand Mafia Vault

The Vault lets you have resources that can be protected. This means that if in case of any attack against your turf, you will still have resources that are safe in the vault so you can recuperate and continue with the game. It’s important to upgrade your vault in order to increase the amount of resources that you can protect.

Vault Upgrades

If you plan to upgrade your vault, not only will you get protection for your resources, but you’ll also be able to increase your influence which is important in the Grand Mafia. Here are the following upgrades that you can attain for this facility:

Level Protectable Resources Increase Influence
1 100,000 6
2 150,000 12
3 200,000 18
4 250,000 25
5 300,000 35
6 350,000 49
7 400,000 70
8 450,000 96
9 500,000 136
10 550,000 190
11 600,000 265
12 650,000 372
13 700,000 521
14 750,000 729
15 800,000 1,020
16 850,000 1,429
17 900,000 2,000
18 950,000 2,800
19 1,000,000 3,921
20 1,050,000 5,488
21 1,100,000 7,684
22 1,150,000 10,757
23 1,200,000 15,061
24 1,250,000 21,084
25 1,300,000 35,843

Extra Effects: If you’re able to upgrade this facility to level 25, you’ll unlock Diamond Protection. This is another important resource since it has a lot of functions for upgrades and training your associates.

Black Market

If you belong to an active faction, you can ask help from your faction members if they’re willing to share some of their resources. Similar to sending associates to help defend your turf, they can also send resources to you through the Black Market facility. If someone else needs help, then you can send them as well so you’ll all be able to provide assistance to each other.

The Grand Mafia Black Market
The Grand Mafia Black Market

Sometimes it can take you a longer time to recuperate losses from an enemy attack. But if you are in a tight faction with friends, they can lend you a hand by transporting resources. This will have some transport tax though, but it’s good if you’re willing to help. The more faction members there are, then the easier it is for an attacked faction member to rise back up. This is why being in an active faction is good since you’ll be able to have willing members to help you out.

Black Market Upgrades

So what bonuses can you receive from upgrading your Black Market? Since transporting resources have tax, you can reduce this through upgrades. You can even increase the amount of resources that can be transported, as well as increase your total influence. Here are the upgrades available for the Black Market:

Level Transportable Resources Transport Tax Increase Influence
1 5,000 30% 13
2 15,000 29% 26
3 30,000 29% 39
4 50,000 28% 54
5 75,000 28% 77
6 105,000 27% 107
7 140,000 27% 149
8 180,000 26% 210
9 225,000 25% 411
11 330,000 24% 656
12 400,000 23% 806
13 490,000 22% 1,128
14 600,000 21% 1,580
15 730,000 20% 2,211
16 880,000 19% 3,095
17 1,050,000 18% 4,334
18 1,250,000 17% 6,067
19 1,450,000 16% 8,494
20 1,650,000 15% 11,892
21 1,850,000 14% 16,648
22 2,050,000 13% 23,308
23 2,250,000 12% 32,630
24 2,500,000 11% 45,683
25 3,000,000 8% 77,661

Extra Effects: Once you're able to reach level 25 for your Black Market, you can have an increased transport infantry speed by 100% which is useful for getting resources as fast as possible.

Losing resources will slow down your turf’s development, so you’ll want to level up as fast as possible and make use of your resources before they’re taken away from you. Having a high level for your vault and black market is vital if you need to protect your resources, or if you need to get back up from an attack in your turf.

We hope that this guide helps you with keeping your resources safe. We’ll be creating more guides to go in-depth with other features of the game as well so please stay tuned to our other pages!

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