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Underboss Equipment - Workshop Facility

Underboss Equipment - Workshop Facility
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What is one of the best ways to increase your Influence? This refers to the strength of your mafia family, and through you as the Underboss. Developing your turf and its facilities and associates are one of the ways to increase your influence, but there is also another method in doing so.

Providing your Underboss with equipment is a good way for increasing your overall influence. In order to do this, you’ll need the Workshop facility in order for you to provide the set that you need. In this guide, we’ll discuss about the workshop’s functions, upgrades, and different sections that you can check.

The Workshop

In order for you to provide your Underboss with some equipment, you’ll want to use the workshop for crafting different items that can fill in the slots. In order to view your underboss, you can click the profile icon on the upper left side of the screen. Each item there can be filled in through the items that you can craft from the workshop.

The Grand Mafia Workshop
The Grand Mafia Workshop

If you open up the interface, you’ll get the following sections of the workshop:

Equipment: This will show you the list of available equipment in the game. You’ll be able to find the different range and melee weapons, tops, pants, shoes, as well as accessories that you can craft. Each item shown are provided according to level, and you’ll be able to find their effects.

The Craft button will turn green if you’re able to craft an item. If it’s gray, you can still click it in order to find out which materials that you need, as well as where they can be obtained. This shortcut helps you if you’re aiming to fill up all of your equipment. This is the same interface as well for upgrades since any equipment that you have can be upgraded accordingly.

Sets: In the Grand Mafia, you’re able to craft equipment that can have set effects. If you click the arrow button, you’ll be able to see the special effects of each set available. If you’re starting out, it’s best to craft the Architect’s Set and then work your way up until you’re able to create the King’s Set or the Godfather’s set which are one of your endgame goals.

Armory: This simply refers to the equipment and materials that you currently have in your inventory. From this interface, you can unequip your items, dismantle them, or even upgrade them. You can even fuse materials in order to create ones by checking each item and see their transformation paths.

Jewels: These are special items that have bonus effects on them that you can imbue to your equipment. Think of them as enchantments on other types of games, and they provide valuable effects. Since jewels are rare, you’ll want to save them and use them on equipment that you can use for a long time.

Workshop Upgrades

What bonuses can you get for upgrading your workshop? Well, crafting your items not only use your resources and materials, but you’ll also have to spend time in order to create them. If you upgrade your workshop, you can get increased crafting speeds, as well as influence. Here are available upgrades below:

Level Crafting Speed Increase Influence
1 4% 15
2 8% 30
3 12% 45
4 16% 63
5 20% 88
6 24% 123
7 28% 173
8 32% 242
9 36% 339
10 40% 474
11 44% 664
12 48% 930
13 52% 1,302
14 56% 1,822
15 60% 2,551
16 64% 3,572
17 68% 5,000
18 72% 7,001
19 76% 9,801
20 80% 13,721
21 84% 19,209
22 88% 26,894
23 92% 37,651
24 96% 52,711
25 125% 89,608

Extra Effects: You can unlock a 2nd Accessory Slot at level 17, and a 3rd Accessory Slot at level 25 accordingly. This is a good way for you to get stronger since you’ll get more influence with the additional equipment, which is why upgrading this facility is important for overall strength.

Which equipment should you craft?

If you check the different equipment sets in the game, you’ll find that you can choose sets are level 1, 40, 50, and 60. Each set has their corresponding effect, but they are all beneficial to your progression.

The Grand Mafia Equipment Sets
The Grand Mafia Equipment Sets

The Architect’s set at level 1 can be used during times where you’re upgrading and constructing in your facility. Once you’re nearing the end of your upgrades, you can swap them out to other sets based on your activity. If you are maximizing your investments, then you can craft the Investor’s set at level 40.

Offensive based sets let you craft a specific set based on the associates that you have. The Challenger’s set, Victor’s St, King’s Set, and Godfather’s set all have 3 types each that provide you with offensive capabilities. You can craft the set according to your level, as well as how much of each associate type that you have. The end-game goal is for you to have the Godfather’s set since this provides you with the best effects.

The Workshop is going to be a long goal in your game since it involves starting out as well as one of your activities in the long run. If you’re aiming to increase your influence fast, then this facility is what you need to check on. We’ll be creating more guides to go in-depth with other features of the game as well so please stay tuned to our other pages!

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