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Mansion Upgraded

Mansion Upgraded
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Leveling up your Mansion is one of your long-time goals in the Grand Mafia. After all, this building affects all other buildings in the game in terms of unlocking new features, as well as increasing the maximum level capacity of your facilities.

The Mansion Upgraded Event is a one-time feature that rewards you with your upgrade milestones. Here you can claim different rewards all the way up to your maximum level for your mansion.

Mansion Upgraded Mechanics

In order to get the rewards, you’ll just need to upgrade your mansion accordingly. This can take quite some time as well as resources, since you need to have specific requirements for upgrades.

The Mansion Upgraded Event
The Mansion Upgraded Event

Check your mansion to see which facilities will require their corresponding upgrades. Once all requirements have been met, you can then level your mansion up and simply wait for the construction to finish in order to get your rewards in your mailbox.

Mansion Upgraded Rewards

Not all mansion level upgrades provide you with rewards, only specific milestones. Here is the list of mansion levels you need to accomplish, as well as their corresponding rewards:

Mansion Level Rewards
Level 4 10x 5-Min Speedups, 1x 8h Protection Program
Level 7 15x 5-Min Speedups, 1x 50% Resource Robbing Boost
Level 10 1x 100 Gold, 2x 60-Min Speedups, 3x 150k Cash, 3x 50k Arms, 3x 50k Cargo
Level 13 3x 60-Min Speedups, 2x 60-Min Investment Speedups, 3x 50k Metal, 3x 15k Diamonds
Level 16 2x 100 Gold, 8x 60-Min Speedups, 10x 150k Cash, 10x 50k Arms, 10x 50k Cargo
Level 19 8x 60-Min Speedups, 4x 60-Min Training Speedups, 10x 50k Metal, 10x 15k Diamonds
Level 21 5x 100 Gold, 8x 3-Hour Speedups, 5x 500k Cash, 5x 150k Arms, 5x 150k Cargo
Level 23 8x 3-Hour Speedups, 5x 150k Metal, 5x 50k Diamonds, 1x Direct Locator
Level 25 8x 100 Gold, 24x 3-Hour Speedups, 10x 500k Cash, 10x 150k Arms, 10x150k Cargo

Mansion Upgraded Tips

Since this is a one-time event, you shouldn’t stress to much in completing this since it’s an end-game goal to get your mansion to its maximum level, here are some tips that can help you along the way with this event:

1. Acquiring another construction slot will help you with upgrading the facilities that are required in order to upgrade your Mansion.

2. Try to gather resources by attacking other weaker players so you can plunder them. Make sure to upgrade your resource facilities to increase your capacity as well.

3. Use your speed-ups for construction and get faction help in order to make your progress faster.

We hope that our guide has helped you with this Event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below.

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