Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light Guide

Sky: Children of the Light Guide

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Sky: Children of the Light Guide
Sky: Children of the Light is the latest game coming from thatgamecompany, the same developer which brought us the games Journey, Flower and Flow. In the game, you get to explore multiple kingdoms and re-discover the previous ways of your ancestors, learn from them (imitate their expressions and their outfit), and unlock different areas of the world upon improving your skill in flight (leveling up you cape).

Sky: Children of the Light Guide
Sky: Children of the Light is an MMO game offered across different platforms with cross-play capability. This enables the game to have a massive crowd playing together anytime -- which gives it the opportunity to offer tasks where people team up and cooperate in order to unlock special areas in the game. It also does not play like the standard games you'll find for mobile devices so the experience of the game itself is a breath of fresh air.

Sky: Children of the Light Guide
The game is totally free to download and play, and you'll definitely get to finish the game without having to buy any of the in-app packages that it sells -- most of which are cosmetic items that you can very well earn as you progress normally in the game. It also employs a familiar "Season" system, which means it has a constant update to the different areas in the game every after 60 days, as well as a number of unique and limited edition cosmetic items. If you're interested to support the developers and send them a "token of appreciation" to this wonderful game, you might as well get yourself a season pass, or any of the in-app purchase packages in the game -- which goes all the way up to $49.99.

Sky: Children of the Light Guide
This guide offers help to those having difficulties understanding the basics of the game, and inform you about the possible difficulties that you'll encounter in the game along the way (and how to solve them). It also includes some valuable tips to help you get ahead of the game and progress as fast as possible. Welcome to the guide!

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