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How can I get FREE resources in the game?
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How can I get FREE resources in the game?

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Resources in the game are important because they enable you to purchase emote upgrades and those assortment of collectible items (from spirit shops) that enable you to customize the appearance of your character. Apart from the usual goodies to find from the spirits, you will most likely be inclined in finding a lot of resources especially when you are trying to get your hands on the rare elder cosmetic items -- which are only unlocked upon having purchased all available items on all spirit shops in a particular Constellation (comprised of the collection of spirit Ancestors found in one kingdom). Now if you do the math, you’ll figure out just how much you’ll need in order to acquire those rare stuff. But given the fact that not all players are willing to spend real money in exchange to in-game currency, we’ve listed below the best and free way to acquire them.

How can I get FREE resources in the game?

Collecting Candles

Candles are the basic currency in the game and are used to upgrade the emote that you get from the ancestor spirits. You can also purchase Hearts (another currency in the game) with the use of 3 candles (buy them from ancestor spirits (spirit shops). The only way to get them is to make sure that you explore the different kingdoms on a daily basis -- at least all the parts where you know there is a candle to be lit.. They reset everyday so you can farm them on a daily basis.

Additional tips:

One area that houses a good number of Candles is found in the Valley of Wastelands (found near the end of the chapter), so make sure you visit that area every day. Also, whenever you start from the home screen area of the game, you’ll notice that there would be red candles, set randomly, near the different kingdom portals every day -- what these candles hint is that there is a massive lump of candles to be found within that pertaining kingdom.

Collecting hearts

Collecting hearts is entirely on a different level. Given the fact that Hearts is the go to currency to purchase the collectible items in the game (to customize your appearance), you bet it is a very important resource to have. However, there is no single and easy way to earn hearts. You can, at the very least, ask for a friend/s to trade hearts on a daily basis. When you befriend some person in the game (you’ll have to add them on your Friends list by unlocking the option on their friendship tree/Constellation), you will have the option to send them 1 Heart each day, in exchange for 3 Candles. Of course there is no guarantee that they will give you back a heart in return, but this unspoken rule of give and take and courtesy actually exists in this game.

You can also purchase them from the ancestor spirits once, but after that, you’ll have to look for other means. Before you go to the Hidden Forest, you’ll find a gravestone that you can inspect and will enable you to “meditate” -- which will prompt you to review the game, which you don’t have to, and you’ll still be rewarded with a Heart. There is a similar gravestone at the Final Chapter in the invisible bridge -- which will do the same.

Another way to earn Hearts is to leave messages (or quotes) on bulletins (shrines) that can be read by other players. If you get 10 likes for the message you’ve posted from other players, you will earn a Heart. You are also limited to earning 1 Heart per day using this method. So do not be selfish and give messages you see a “Like”, whenever you see one.

Lastly, you can send your Friends “Heart/Star Fragments” once per day (which you can probably earn from too on a daily basis). To do this, you’ll have to visit the constellations and find their stars -- to which you can access and then pick the option to send them these Heart/Star fragments. Upon collecting 60 pieces of these fragments, you’ll gain 1 Heart.

Give Hearts generously. There is one heart available for you to purchase with Candles in each emote Spirit Shop. After that, the most effective way is to be gifted to them by Friends. And the best way to be gifted is to give. Some people also make arrangements with friends to exchange daily hearts. Be careful that you are not taking advantage of others in doing this, though. Kindness and courtesy are the name of the game. Hearts can also be bought at Traveling spirit shops, through collecting 60 lights from friends, and through 10 people liking your message at a shrine.

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