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Sky: Children of the Light

Hearts and Candles
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Hearts and Candles

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Candles” are the basic currency in Sky, they the most common type of currency that you’ll get in the game and are easily earned by collecting light from different sources.You can earn them by lighting red candles (in different areas in the game once a day), or by burning the dark fungus/plant-like stuff found on trees or random standing structures in the different kingdoms.

In between seasons, you can also gain regular Candles when you complete the daily quest -- in lieu of the seasonal that you usually get. Additionally, all the seasonal candles that you were not able to spend within the previous season will automatically be converted into regular candles.

Hearts and Candles

Regular Candles are used to purchase upgrades for the emotes that you’ve unlocked (from ancestor spirits) as well as enable you to purchase the “blessings” from some ancestor spirits that offer them. For those that missed out on seasonal items, you also can purchase random items (using regular candles) that are featured daily by the “Traveling Spirits”.

Not limited to purchasing emote upgrades and blessing in the game though, candles are also used to enable you to speak with other people in the game using chat benches or tables. Some emotes also require candles for you to perform them in the game (like hug or the high five emotes). Learn how to collect candles in the game, check this page.


If Candles are the main currency in the game, “Hearts” on the other hand are the social currency in Sky -- like most MMO games lately, you get some unique form of currency earned from your Friends (and vice versa) in the game, mainly to promote the social aspect of the game. It does not cost you to send hearts to a friend, so be generous in sending them as it is the easiest way to get them back (from friends).

Hearts are also a bit more valuable than regular candles in the sense that you can purchase (1) Heart from spirits for 3 candles. Hearts are primarily used to purchase cosmetic items in the game that can customize the way your avatar looks (hair, clothes, cape, and instruments). Learn how to collect Hearts in the game, check this page.

Ascend Candle

Ascend Candles are the prime currency in Sky, awarded for sheperding Winged Light through the storm. If this is your first time playing the game, do not fret if you do not find or collect any Ascended Candles in your way. These candles are only available to those that have completed The Eye of Eden (the last Realm).

Primarily, you use them to purchase “Wing Buffs”, which in return increase your capacity to fly in the game. These wing buffs are similar to what a full tier of upgrade in your Cape (from collecting Winged Lights) will do, and ultimately boost your cape’s flight performance. Not limited to purchasing wing buffs too, you can also use ascend Candles to purchase some rare emotes / special actions in the game.

Season Candle

Season Candles are a unique currency to unlock seasonal items. These candles are mainly acquired through the completion of Daily Quests (collected from the quest master at home). They are only available when there is an on-going season, and anything that you have left after the season expires will automatically be converted into regular candles.

Seasonal Candles are used to purchase seasonal cosmetic items and emotes -- as well as their upgrades. You’ll also find a bulk of these candles (four of them daily and make 1 seasonal candle), scattered randomly throughout a particular realm (which is random too).

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