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Where Do I Find the Ancestor Spirits Again? (to Purchase)
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Where Do I Find the Ancestor Spirits Again? (to Purchase)

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Where Do I Find the Ancestor Spirits Again? (to Purchase)

How can I find the ancestor spirits again to purchase?

Usually, you’ll find all the spirit Ancestors found in a kingdom in a temple -- just when you are about to finish on the requirements of that chapter in the game. There are usually 3 ancestor spirits to find in every kingdom in Sky: Children of the Light. However, this does not include the random appearances of seasonal or travelling spirits that are usually scattered across the different kingdoms. So when you find all the three ancestor spirits in a particular area/kingdom in the game, you’re most likely about to finish that chapter. Double tap on your character to see where it leads you and it will send you to the spirit temple of that particular kingdom -- where you’ll once again meet the three ancestor spirits in that kingdom (after a small cut scene plays).

When you try to speak to the spirit ancestor (access the action button when you go near them), it will open up the constellation-like tree menu which lets you purchase tiers of upgrades for the emote that this particular ancestor taught you, as well as a blessing/spell, and a unique collectible item. Try to remember each of the locations of the spirit ancestors because you most likely wouldn’t be able to purchase all of the stuff that they have to offer in one go. Learn how to collect free resources in the game, check this page.

Additional Useful Info:

If you are expecting a spell or blessing from one spirit and didn’t find it there, chances are, you are looking for a 5-candle blessing which wouldn’t be able for you if this is the first time you are playing the game (a lot of players are having problems looking for the permanent resize potion).

Not until you complete The Eye of Eden and go through rebirth will you have access to these stuff. Because you’ll only get your chance at “Ascended Candles” after completing this chapter -- which will enable you to purchase “Wing Buffs”. “Wing Buffs” on the other hand, is the progress limiter found in the upgrade-tree in every spirit shop (lock-like icon with wings). When you purchase them, it will clear the cloudy part (above it) of the upgrade tree and reveal the other items to find there. Hope this helps!

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