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How to Improve Your Mine’s Collection Rate

How to Improve Your Mine’s Collection Rate
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Improving the collection rate of your mines can be mean plenty of things in the game -- in the sense that it can be achieved in several different ways. But if what you are referring to is simply increasing your overall output, it can be done with these 3 different ways:

Using Warehouse Multiplier:

Using those hexagon items with multiplier values in them basically multiply your warehouse’s output by the number on their label. Take note that you can compound this effect by putting together different multipliers on top of each other. However, their effect is added by value and not by exponent. For instance, if you use 2x with 5x and 10x multiplier, you’ll have a 17x multiplier. Boost by ads also add up the value so it pays to watch those minute long ads to get you 4 hours worth of additional 2x multiplier.

Improving on your workers (Costume):

When you are playing and especially when you've recently opened chests, make sure you or your miners are equipped with the best costumes you have available as it can improve your performance by a long stretch. A level 2 epic mine shaft miner costume for instance can give you 3 fold your extraction rate -- which basically lets you gather 3 times faster than you normally would.

By Prestige:

Also, although not directly affecting your productivity rate, acquiring Super Managers are also a lot of help in speedy building of your mines -- as they usually have special skills that are beneficial in collecting huge chunks of resources instantly, and high discount rate skill to be used on upgrades -- that do not take a whole hour to cool down to boot. Simply put, they are essential in building your empire -- which impacts how fast you improve on your production/collection rate.

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