Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Hints and Tips

Idle Miner Hints and Tips
Idle Miner Tycoon Guide

1. Watch Ads to double your super cash collection when your return to your game - whenever you get out of the game, you also get to collect resources from your mines -- based on your idle cash collection / gathering rate. When you get the chance to return to your game, you are always asked if you want double the collection amount in exchange to watching minute-long plugged in ads. If there is no need for you to hurry, this is always a option.

2. Watch Ads to double your warehouse collection. Even without using any warehouse multiplier (the hexagon shaped item multipliers), you can double your collection by simply watching ads. a minute long ad can give you 4 hours worth of 2x multiplier. The good thing is that they also compound in value whenever you use regular multipliers in the game. An easy tip to hasten your growth in the game.

3. Speaking of multipliers, only use multipliers when you reach the highest level shafts that generate the most value of resource in the mine. Doing this will guarantee better yield in total compared to using them when you are only in lower level shafts.

4. Be mindful which type of booster you are also using. There are the ones that improve yield in one specific mine, and ones that improve yield in all of your mines. Better keep the ones that multiplies yield on all mines later on in the game when you've unlocked and build all of your mines.

5. Pay close attention when to use multipliers consecutively. If you are to use multipliers in a game, don't go half baked. Know that you can compound their multiplier value as you use different ones together. If you are smart about when to use them, you can easily fund your expansion better and faster.

6. Make sure to use the best costumes for your workers. For instance, do not rely entirely on multiplier of the costume, but also check is there are special bonuses if you are using a specific costume on a specific continent. One example of this is the Deep Sea Outfit, an Epic rarity mine shaft personnel costume -- there might be an instance where you have other costumes that have higher multipliers in them, but when you use this costume in the Fire Continent, it will enable a special passive effect that increases your income by multiplying it to 1.2 which works far greater than a simple extraction multiplier.

7. Always participate on events. One of the most overlooked things in this game is upgrading the skill tree in research island. One probable reason for this is that research points needed to improve them would seem to be only available thru in-app purchases. However, they are in fact usually rewarded upon clearing several tiers of objectives of an event. Although it might take a while to collect them, constant participation would still get you the amount you need, not to mention the other valuable reward items that go with them like multiplier boosters, in-game cash, etc.

8. Never settle on lower tiered shafts. Although it might be tempting to level up a lower tiered shaft than investing on a newer one, always consider going one more floor below the surface -- as the value of resources you'll get to extract there are exponentially more valuable than the floors above it. Only focus leveling up a shaft when you tied down to a layer unlocking countdown. Other than that, don't get too attached to leveling up a specific floor level -- unless it is required by special objectives (like those on event mines).

9. Unlock Mainland as soon as possible - Mainland is the south-most continent that houses a special mine that gathers "Crystals" -- which you can use to purchase a free draw on a random Super Manager. Super Managers are similar to regular managers, but have some sort of more potent bonuses for their skills. Additionally, they cool down 3 to 4 times faster than the most effective, executive-level manager. Take note though that collecting Crystals in the game is not as easy as it sounds. Apart from this, you can also upgrade the Super Managers themselves, and even their passive abilities.

10. Always opt for Prestige. Whenever applicable, and whenever you have the resources (usually needs in-game cash), you might want to consider opting for Prestige. What this does is basically improving the production rate of a certain mine several times over - in exchange for restarting your mine and paying a certain value of in-game cash. This will surely get you better yield in the same amount of time -- when compared to that of not having Prestige. You can opt for prestige a maximum of 5 times in each of your mine in the game.

11. Always make the elevator at least 10 levels ahead of the warehouse. The bottleneck of logistics is always the hard part when playing this game. Even if your mine shafts have the ability to extract lots and lots of resource per second, it all boils down on how fast they could reach your warehouse. Always match the value of the what the elevator can process -- to the value of resource you can extract in all your mine shafts. You do not have to be a math genius to do this, all you have to do is observe whether your elevator gets to service all floors in your mine, and if all crates gets depleted (or at least nearly depleted) every one whole cycle. Upon gauging the right level for your elevator (leveling it up), see to it that the warehouse is at least 10 to 15 levels below it. Bigger level difference will cause poor conversion rate, while anything closer will deplete whatever is stored in your elevator -- which will get the cart pushers empty handed roaming back and fort. Although there is no harm in doing this, it is far more advisable to use the resources you can spare in upgrading your mine shafts.

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