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What are Events in Idle Miner Tycoon Good For?

What are Events in Idle Miner Tycoon Good For?
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Events will get you a lot of free stuff that you'd normally have to purchase in the game or spend a whole lot of time to gather (normally) -- like in-game cash, warehouse multipliers, research points, and even collectible chests that get you outfits for your workers (which would also give them separate multipliers).

Mines found on events usually carry a theme, and usually run for 3-4 days or sometimes even longer. Events usually require tycoons to complete a random set of objectives, sub-divided into tiers (as seen in the image below) -- which also promises to reward you with a great collection of in-game items at the end of the event.

Additionally you can win badges simply by participating in these time-limited events. Your badges will be displayed in the Event Badges island (found on the world map) -- which is unlocked as soon as you’ve built your 5th mine shaft in the Coal Shaft. You can earn a Participation Badge, Bronze Badge, Silver Badge or Gold Badge -- all of which equates to some sort of reward, which are then automatically sent to your inventory.

The different rewards you get from Events are very important to your growth as a miner. As you move on to the higher tier of objectives, the rewards get better. More importantly, it is here where you can earn the different Research Points as reward items in different events -- which helps you improve your skill points in the Research Island, which then in return enhance the bonus multiplier in your mine (green research point), other efficiency bonuses (blue research point), or manager bonuses (red research point).

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