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How to Unlock Super Managers

How to Unlock Super Managers
Idle Miner Tycoon Guide

If you manage to collect 7.14ac (most likely after you've unlocked the gold mine), it is a good time to unlock the south-most continent -- where you'd be able to unlock a special mine where you'd be able to collect special shards. Unlike other mines where you can collect resources equivalent to currency to fuel your expansion, this mine will hand out tasks that you'll have to meet (ex. Unlock 30th mine shaft , earn x amount of shards, get mine shafts to x level, etc.) and upon successfully completing them, you'll be awarded with special crystals -- which in return lets you purchase a random draw of a super manager.

Like other managers, each time you purchase one, the concluding purchase would drastically increase the price of the next one. For instance, the first draw would cost you 100 green crystals -- which is just about how much you'll earn upon completing the first stage (in this particular continent), while the second purchase will be around 400 crystals.

It would approximately take 4 hours to finish the first stage to earn these 100 crystals. Finishing the first stage will unlock the concluding stage, and as you open more stages, you'll have the chance to work on them simultaneously -- to give you a chance at collecting crystals faster. Each stage also has a higher tier of difficulty which is only unlocked after you complete a set of stages. These stages with higher tier of difficulty will then give you other colored crystals -- which are used to level up your super managers. Leveling up your super managers will improve the effect of their skills.

Another way to unlock a super managers is thru IAPs. Occasionally, they are offered by the game and will set you back around $20-30 (depending on their rarity). Similar to earning Super Managers thru old-fashion grinding, you do not get to choose which ones to purchase until they get advertised by the game. However, you'd at least know what you're paying for before pushing through with a purchase.

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