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If you’re into simulation games but do not want to play those that require you with internet connection all the time, then Idle Miner Tycoon might just be the next game for you. In this exciting mobile simulation game, you’ll take helm growing a mining business of your own. You’ll decide about relative details in growing your industry like picking managers, choosing which investments you wish to partake, as well the need to balance between saving up and restricting the flow of funds (for higher stake upgrades or purchases), or pushing for expenditures to upgrade the current process within your mines.

Your role in the game is basically micro-managing the mine shafts -- in terms of dictating the level of upgrades on each shaft, as well weighing which upgrade you’ll have to push through with (e.g. leveling up a current shaft, or saving up to dig/open up a deeper and better rewarding newer shaft). Other than that, variables on logistics like speeding up and bumping the capacity of your elevator will give also prove challenging as you grow your business.

Now on top of all this business-managing you’ll be doing, you’ll also have to improve on your workers on the side (via card upgrades) as well as plan for your very own skill tree in the game -- which enables you to perform better on your different aptitudes within the game (for instance, learning how to perform more efficiently which in return would speed up your workers). You’ll basically review all of your mines’ key performance indicators, and constantly improve on them as you play the game.

If you share a particular fondness similar games or that of the publisher’s collection of simulation games, this title is sure to impress. The game’s got extensive content, as evident when you check out the game map -- having several areas to unlock per continent (which equates to lots and lots of hours in each one to boot), and a total of 5 continents to expand your mining empire. Take note though that although the game is free, expect some plugged adverts within the gameplay, as well as a few assortments of in-app purchases offered to give you all sorts of boosts in the game.

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