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What are Boosts For and How do I Use them in Idle Miner Tycoon?

What are Boosts For and How do I Use them in Idle Miner Tycoon?
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Boosts in the game or the multipliers (hexagon shaped items with numbers) are used in your warehouse (use them by clicking on the empty hexagon shaped icon in your warehouse). Using these boosts will multiply the value that is supposed to be stored in your warehouse, by the value that the boost has. For instance, if you have a 2x boost, you’ll multiply the ore value delivered to your warehouse by 2 times. If your 2x ad boost is on, the delivered ore value will be multiplied by 4 times.

You should also take note of the details that a boost has. The multiplier value tells you how much the resource delivered to you warehouse will be multiplied into, and then there is also the length or duration of the given boost, and lastly -- it tells you whether the boost covers the specific mine you are playing into, or all of your currently active mine. That said, be cautious about using these boost items, especially those that can be used to multiply the productivity of all your active mines as they would be of greater use and value later on in the game (when you have all the mines unlocked and built).

Also take note that it doesn’t end there. You could actually use multiple different value boosts and their effect will be compounded on top of one another. A simple tip for you: you might want to use the boost items -- only when you have a collection of the different values (e.g. 2x, 5x, 10x as these 3 are the only free ones you usually get) in your inventory, and when your mine has unlocked all of its 30 shafts (additionally, make sure both your elevator and warehouse are in the levels that can keep up with your production) -- to get the value for your boost items.

For example, if your production rate per cycle (one complete collection process of the elevator) can harness 5ar, make sure that your shafts combined can pump up a value equivalent or at the very least close to that figure. Additionally, make sure the load capacity of your cart pushers (warehouse) can get that amount or at least almost all of it in one cycle too (about 1ar per cart -- as you’d presumably have 5 cart pushers at this level). That said, if for instance you have all the multipliers activated at one time (plus the ad multiplier), you’ll get a total of 19x multiplier that will pump out 19ar per cart pusher -- which sums up to 95ar per cycle.

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