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What is Prestige in Super Miner Tycoon?

What is Prestige in Super Miner Tycoon?
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You might have encountered a time where your game pauses for a while, and then you've simply picked up on an option that seems to give you a multiplier on your overall production rate -- and then suddenly to your surprise, you end up starting your mine on a blank slate! Fret not, you've simply bought yourself Prestige.

To truly get a basic understanding of what it does, it is similar to that of upgrading a lower tiered mine shaft -- to meet the production rate similar to that of newer one. You'll have to do the same with your mines as the newer ones would surely yield higher return compared to the ones you've previously set up. To increase the yield of older mines, you'll want to improve on their production rate -- which calls for picking the option of converting it to Prestige.

However, the downside of picking prestige is that you'll have to start building that specific mine from ground up all over again. However, that is a rather small sacrifice in order to get competitive yields on your older mines. This in return will get you better collection of resources in the same amount of time.

To get the option of converting to Prestige, your operation in one particular mine should meet a particular production rate (number of resources you get over a period of time). This is essentially reached when you upgrade you shafts, elevator and warehouse to a certain level in that particular mine.

You can perform Prestige in any mine a total of 5 times. Given that, each time you perform this function, you're basically increasing its multiplier -- pumping that particular mine's production level each time. Also take note that in order to convert your progress to Prestige, you'll be required to pay some in-game "Cash" (green currency). What it will require will gradually increase, and will vary from mine to mine. If by any chance you choose Prestige in one of your mines, you'll keep the rest of your cash (deducted the fee to convert to Prestige), and the remainder of your resources, as well as your other mines.

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