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How Do I Change my Miners in Idle Miner Tycoon

How Do I Change my Miners in Idle Miner Tycoon
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Do you ever wonder what those costumes are for when you get them thru reward chests in Idle Miner Tycoon? You might see these costumes as a simple customization feature in the game -- to change the color of the sprites of your miners in the game, but in reality, collecting a whole bunch of them will gradually level up a certain miner, and wearing these costumes will definitely improve their performance. So technically speaking you never get to change any of your miners, just their costumes. :)

To access them anytime in the game, you'll have to go back to the world map UI. If you are inside any mine, simply click on the bottom right most button (the global map like icon), and when the world map pops up, simply pick on the "Collectibles" option which sits below the Grass Continent. When you open this menu, you'll be shown your collection of Elevator Personnel Costumes - which displays the costumes you've managed to gather thus far. The Multiplier you see on each of the icon on the top left side is simply put a multiplier they provide to their performance on-site. Switch between the tabs/options on the bottom to check and see the costume collection you have for Mine Shaft personnel, and the ones on your Warehouse.

Apart from leveling them up (by getting more pieces of the same outfit on chests), you'll also notice that some sort of rarity on these costumes. Rare costumes exists - and do provide better multipliers even on lower levels, as well as bonus passive skills that are effective when certain conditions are met. Fro instance, on the example below, the Deep Sea Outfit, an Epic rarity mine shaft personnel costume, improves extraction on your mines by 3 times on just level 2, when other costumes improve it by only 1.5 - 2.6 times on the same level. Additionally, it has a special passive effect when used on the Fire Continent, as it increases your income by multiplying it to 1.2.

When you are playing and especially when you've recently opened chests, make sure you or your miners are equipped with the best costumes you have available as it can improve your performance by a long stretch. Also see to it that you are always taking on expeditions -- especially those ones that reward epic chests -- where you'd only have the chance to grab these in-game collectibles. Finally, take note too that you can change the costume of your workers at any point in time in the game.

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