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How to Play Idle Miner Tycoon

How to Play Idle Miner Tycoon
Idle Miner Tycoon Guide

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How to Play Idle Miner Tycoon

Main Goal: the goal is to unlock each and every continent in the game, and get the chance to build mining operations on different areas that houses the different ores in the game. From the get go, you'll only have access to the Coal Mine and the Event Mine area. As you explore and earn resources in the game, you'll soon be able to purchase other mine areas like the Gold Mine, Ruby Mine, etc. Earning and operating multiple mine areas will benefit you by funding your expansion -- the more mine you operate, the faster it is to collect resources. The currency in the game doesn't also stop in the value of trillions, in the game, it changes its value by 1000 units of a current indicator, as seen below:

K = 1,000
M = 1,000,000
B = 1,000,000,000
T = 1,000,000,000,000
aa = 1,000,000,000,000,000
ab = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
ac = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

and so on...

So as you'll notice, farther continents in the right side of the map for example will cost you values in "ah" -- which entails that you'll have to collect that large amount of resources in order to unlock that part of the game. Apart from simply collecting mine areas to operate, you can also perform converting an operational one to "Prestige" in the game. What this does is simply taking all of your progress in one specific mine, and converting it to Prestige -- which basically improves the overall performance multiplier you have for that specific mine. Although it might seem tedious to build a mine again from ground up again, this is by all means the better route to take in order to get each of your mines to operate better and collect resources faster in the game.

When you start the game, it will introduce you to the most basic stuff to do in the game which includes tapping your miners manually to get them working on their respective fields. From the get go, you’ll have access to the Coal Mines. At the beginning, you’ll be instructed to build a new shaft. From there, it will introduce you to the three main components of the mine -- The Mine Shafts, Elevator, and Warehouse.

Mine Shafts - mine shafts are where you basically get the ores to mine. When you enter a mine, it will ask you to open your first shaft. The shaft is where the miners get ore that then gets automatically converted to an equivalent currency. A miner usually dig for a few seconds, and will then walk to the left to queue their respective collection in a crate. Without a mine shaft manager, this process would be done manually - or else you won’t be able to collect anything. Take note that the game will force you to repeat this manual process of mining (tapping on the miners) until you’ve leveled up your first shaft to level 5 -- which is when you’ll be given the option to hire a Manager. Each shaft can be upgraded up to 800 levels, and each time it gets leveled up, you basically increase it production rate (extraction rate, the number of miners, walking speed of the miners, their mining speed, and worker capacity). Depending on the mine (or event), variables of each shaft are adjusted -- which is why you’d see huge differences in gameplay on different continents or events. Sometimes, it would make more sense to invest on every 5th mine (closest to the barriers) and get them to produce the currently available and highest tier of currency because you could easily fund their upgrades. Other times, you’ll have to settle on upgrading those few tiers lower than your current farthest mine because they would be able to generate the highest amount of currency for a cheaper upgrade cost. Aside from upgrading the shafts themselves, you’ll also be able to improve your production rate by hiring good managers that will momentarily boost a pertaining shaft’s operation (by improving miner on that shaft’s mining speed or walking speed or both). Later on in the game, you’ll start receiving character collectible pieces (different miner costumes), which you are able to pick from a selection, and will provide you with an additional multiplier to boost your overall mining speed.

Elevator - elevator in the game brings back whatever you dug on your shafts back to surface. When its passes by a floor, it automatically picks up the stuff that is temporarily banked on the crate. It does this automatically when you set a manager to operate the elevator. The level of the elevator basically dictates its current holding capacity, as well as its movement speed and loading speed (per shaft and when unloading on the surface). It takes a while figuring out how to balance the level of the elevator, warehouse and mine shafts. The need to balance its level comes from the fact that you won’t be able to upgrade your facility if you lack the resources in this game. However, focusing on just upgrading your mine shafts would be troublesome as well as it would result to having a bottleneck on logistics (bringing the stuff to the surface). You’ll notice this when the ore starts to pile up on the crate or when the elevator fails to get towards the lower shafts in your mine. Putting too much level difference warehouse and your elevator would also be inefficient as you’ll notice your some of your cart pushers not having load back to the warehouse. When playing normal difficulty stages (e.g. events, coal and gold mine), it is safe to have a 5 - 10 level difference on your Elevator and Warehouse (elevator being the higher leveled facility). So whenever you get to save up on resources and want to pump up the level of your facility, make sure you maintain this level difference or else you’d start seeing inefficiency in the process. Similar to the Mine Shafts, you’ll also be able to improve the performance of the elevator by hiring good managers that will momentarily boost a pertaining shaft’s operation (by improving its travel speed or its loading/unloading speed). Similarly, you’ll start receiving character collectible pieces later on in the game (different elevator operator costumes), that should help provide you with an additional multiplier to boost your elevator’s overall performance.

Warehouse - the function of the warehouse is simple, it basically receives all the ore that was mined and convert it to actual usable currency that gets banked on your inventory. When you start working on the mine, you’ll have one transporter (the ones pushing the carts), and they’ll gradually increase in number as you reach certain facility upgrade tier levels. Aside from the number of transporters, increasing your warehouse level would also improve the load capacity per transporter, the loading/unloading speed, as well as their walking speed. Similar to the Mine Shafts and the Elevator, you can also hire specific managers that can handle your warehouse -- which have different skills too, that would generally benefit you by temporarily improving the performance of your Transporters. Similarly, you’ll start receiving character collectible pieces later on in the game (different transporter costumes), that should help provide additional improvement on your warehouse’s performance.
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