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Which Super Manager is the Best?

Which Super Manager is the Best?
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Although Super Managers might differ greatly with respect to their skills, all of them are relatively useful and quite handy. However, given the fact that they have different rarities, a few of them also tend to become personal favorites. The first ever rare Super Manager we got a hold of was Mr. Turner. He has this unique skill where he sets up a piggy bank where the collection of ores in the shaft he manages temporarily gets banked (instead of the crate) for 30 seconds (not upgraded), and then the collected value is multiplied by 10, and then directly gets added to your inventory.

What is great about this specific skill is that you get to bump your resources every now and then while building your mine. Imagine placing him on a newly opened shaft, and extracting the highest value of currency, multiplying it to 10, and then directly gets added to your inventory. Suddenly, you can fund multiple upgrades to your warehouse or your elevator -- without the usual troubles of logistics bottleneck. With him around, expanding your mine becomes relatively faster.

The good thing about Super Managers too is that the somehow replenish from their skill cool down a lot faster. In Mr. Turner’s case, he can repeat his skill every after 15 minutes of cool down which is really sweet. Other common super managers include skills that usually give 90% discount on Upgrade Costs, and then others that improve speed by 90%, load capacity, loading speed, and walking speed.

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