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How to Upgrade Super Managers

How to Upgrade Super Managers
Idle Miner Tycoon Guide

While getting 2 super managers might be easy-peasy, upgrading them is an entirely different story. For one thing, the capacity to fund their upgrade only becomes available upon unlocking higher tiered stages in this continent (mainland mines) -- which is only unlocked upon completing a set number of stages (which will approximately take you 4-5 hours each to complete). Do the math and you'll figure you'd have to give this game some labor before you actually get the things you need.

Each of the mine here will lay down some objectives for you to beat, and will be rewarded to you once you’ve completed them or at the very least, get a few tiers and then close the mine. Only upon unlocking all tiers of objectives and leveling your mine shafts to level 800 and both your elevator and warehouse to level 2400 -- will you be able to unlock the concluding stage (mine).

Basically, you are tasked to complete these stages with varying difficulties to unlock other mines, and then after finishing a set of these stages, you’ll earn the chance to beat them again at a higher difficulty -- to earn different kinds of gems, which in return are used to upgrade the skills of your super manager.

Green Colored Gems are earned from mines with easy difficulty - are used to hire Super Managers at the Super Manager Beach.

Blue Colored Gems are earned from mines with medium difficulty - enables you to upgrade the managers themselves (requires the Ice Continent to be unlocked).

Red Colored Gems are earned from mines with hard difficulty - which are then used to improve on the skills of your super managers or at least the benefit rates of their passive skills. You’ll only be granted access to the highest difficulty upon unlocking the Fire Continent.

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