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How and Why Should I Unlock other Mines in Idle Miner Tycoon?

How and Why Should I Unlock other Mines in Idle Miner Tycoon?
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Unlocking mines in Idle Miner Tycoon is as easy as purchasing them if you’ve saved enough resources -- collected from your currently active mines. If you’ll notice, other locked continents have values like (x amount) “ac”, “ah” in them -- which equates to a certain value of resource. The farther the alphabet from “A”, the bigger the value of that currency indicator (e.g.ab, ac, ad …). To get an idea of the value of the currency in the game, below is a simple guide:

Trillion (x) 1000 = aa
aa (x) 1000 = ab
ab (x) 1000 = ac
ac (x) 1000 = ad
and so on…

So just imagine the vast amount of resources you’ll have to collect in order to unlock the other areas/continents in the game. However, all currently built and active mines will simultaneously collect resources for you -- which somehow make it bearable if you happen to build all of your mines the right way. Apart from unlocking continents/mines where you can collect resources from, you also have one that unlocks super managers for you. After unlocking the gold mine, the next one you’ll (most-likely) afford to unlock is the south-most continent. There would two points of interest to check there. One of which enables you to earn a collection of special currency upon completing a bullet list of requirements. In return, you can use these currency to purchase super managers. Take note though that you won’t exactly be able to pick a specific manager -- as the game randomly picks one for you.

While unlocking other continents or mines are beneficial to you to help you collect resources faster, earning super managers is just as important as they pretty much enable you to build up your actual mines faster and more efficiently. One of the most interesting managers for example is Mr. Turner (image below) - which collects a portion of the ore in the mine shaft that manager is assigned in for 30 seconds (at its base level) , and then after collecting an X amount of currency, it will multiply it by 10 and then automatically bank it on your inventory without having to pass through the elevator and warehouse. There is also the option to upgrade your super managers (which improves their performance) by obtaining special (other colored) shards -- which themselves are harder to obtain as the mines to get them from can only be accessed upon progressing in the same area (getting a certain number of stars in this continent).

There are a total of 15 mine areas (listed below) in the game apart from the ones that can get you the super managers and those ones that are introduced thru limited-time events.

5 Grass Continent Mines
1. Coal
2. Gold
3. Ruby
4. Diamond
5. Emerald

5 Ice Continent Mines
1. Moonstone
2. Amethyst
3. Crystal
4. Jade
5. Sapphire

Fire Continent Mines
1. Amber
2. Topaz
3. Sunstone
4. Platinum
5. Obsidian

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