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Empire: Four Kingdoms

Strategize and Build Your Realm with Empire: Four Kingdoms

Strategize and Build Your Realm with Empire: Four Kingdoms
Empire: Four Kingdoms is a strategy, with a hint of city building game, that can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS. The game has In-app purchases that allow you to purchase rubies—the game's special currency that is used on a whole lot of things. There are no ads to be seen so that is a good thing.

In Empire: Four Kingdoms, the goal is to be the very best Castle Lord in the game. You do this by trying to get your own castle up and running first, and from there onwards, beating the other castle lords for honor and glory (and of course resources too). Upon starting, you'll have to build the necessary buildings to produce resources like; Wood, Stone, Food, and Gold. The other resources are obtained in a pretty straightforward way which is by building their respective production buildings. Probably the unique thing among these resources is gold. You only get gold by getting your population to pay taxes.

Obtaining gold by taxes is a pretty complex system on its own. It goes like this: You grow your population by building Dwellings. These Dwellings give room for people but have a negative effect to public order (the happiness of your people). They can produce resources and construct things faster if they are happy but obviously, over population can decrease this happiness. So you counteract the effect of your Dwellings by building decorative items to keep the people happy. After all this intricate balance of the productivity, population, and happiness, you may finally have your tax collector do his rounds –collecting taxes from them. But be wary for the Tax Collector is a sly one. If somehow you'll manage to forget to collect the taxes on time, he'll be lifting some of it from time to time reducing the amount of gold you get. You get more buildings to assist you in your resource management and collection later on.

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But here is where the meat of the game is—battling other castle lords. This task is a bit luck based in my opinion. You see, when you are thrown into the world map, you see a dauntingly large map with a LOT of other castle lords. But do not panic. Because if you have just started, you are immune to attacks from other lords for a while. So do as much as you can. Take note though that when you attack, the shield comes off and you will need rubies to re-enable it again. What you need to do is find a good alliance that can support you. Because when your shield comes down, you will quickly find how ravenous the other castle lords can get. Once you have your eyes set on an opponent, you may opt to send agents to conduct espionage, be it military to see their troops, or economy to have a gander at their resources, or better yet, sabotage their town by burning their buildings. Burned buildings will reduce productivity plus it reduces public order as well.

When you have done your wetwork missions, you may choose to attack them by pitting your forces against theirs. Be warned though that IF you are attacking an alliance member, their stronger allies may send troops to defend him (your target) so you should plan your attack well. That’s why a strong alliance is needed to also deter some people from randomly attacking you. There are also random events that happen outside your castle. These are REALLY helpful and it is highly advised that you participate in them especially if the conditions for the lower tiered prizes are relatively easy to complete. The game is quite fun, although it can be jarring and if someone (or much worse, a whole alliance) technically bullies you, it may even provoke you to just uninstall the game altogether. But just hang on in there and wait for a good alliance to even the odds out. Who knows? Maybe you'd share a common goal with them and eventually beat a common enemy. As mentioned, the goal of this game is to be the best castle lord. Just have fun and try your very best to extend that patience as everything will just pretty smoothen out as you go.

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The graphics in the game are simple and everything is two dimensional. It is impressive though how the artist took a simple color scheme and style to make things look really detailed—they sort of look like paper cut outs. Nothing too flashy happens in the game and most of the things happen off screen. What I mean is that, even the battles are instantly resolved. You simply don't see anything exciting taking place. The music is good too that it properly conveys the feeling of this medieval war time.

In conclusion, Empire: Four Kingdoms is a good strategy game and it is quite engaging and fun to arrange your castle in a nice way. Finding an alliance that you would grow together in or help you grow is also satisfying. If not for the unfair advantage of those that spend real money on their game, the game would be a better experience. People who like these kinds of games would appreciate the gameplay and will definitely have a pleasant experience (provided you don't get hounded by other castle lords).

4.0 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | Mar 19th 2015

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Review by GuestMay 20th 2022
Well game is really nice it's like real empire world, it's mostly involve polities and can learn so many things.
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Review by GuestMay 14th 2018
From three months my rbc get RESET. This happens daily...
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Review by GuestApr 1st 2018
Very well thought out game like it a lot quit eating and can't stop playing i spend all my money on it need a book to save troops my land lord said i have to pay rent but I'm almost a king are they crazy
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Review by GuestFeb 17th 2017

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