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Castle Defense

Castle Defense
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Castle Defense
Defending the castle is paramount if you want to have a proper castle because if you are attacked, they plunder your resources, kill your troops and set some buildings you own on fire. This deed sets you back quite a lot so defending yourself well is absolutely necessary. You do this by stationing appropriate troops along with tools that help them. Another thing to remember is that upgrading the wall and gate increases the defensive bonus on the walls and gates. Also expanding the land increases the amounts of troops you can place on the wall and it also increases the amount of towers available and as previously mentioned, towers greatly increase the amount of troops available to be placed on the wall.

Castle Defense

Castle defense can be done by selecting the Military option in the bottom tab and selecting defense. This is where you see which units make up your defense and how many there are. You can select which section of the wall; Left flank, Front, and Right flank. You can select the ratio of melee to ranged defenders by clicking the button beside the unit pictures. You can place defensive tools on the lower blocks provided you have enough slots unlocked. The higher your level the more slots will unlock. If you are tight on your budget, remember that only one tool works on a single slot for defense. That means that if you stack ten Hurling Rocks that each have a 25% wall defense bonus in one slot, it doesn't go up to 250% and only one of those stacks get used per defense. So at ten Hurling Rocks, after a defense, it becomes nine. You can however use up more slots and place two of them to stack them Lastly, there is the unit distribution slider in which you decide how much troop concentration goes to each section.

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