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Offensive actions

Offensive actions
Empire: Four Kingdoms Guide

After selecting attack, you will then see your opponent's castle's front, left flank and right flank. From here, you can also see what units are defending which sides, provided you conducted military espionage. You select units to send against each flank and input the tools they will use if any, and you can select which commander you send against it. Remember that the travel speed stat on units and tools (this probably means the effort needed in transporting these large tools like the battering ram) heavily affect the arrival time of your army to a location.
Offensive actions

Selecting to conduct espionage on a castle basically means you are going to spy on them. Upon selecting Espionage, you are shown a window that looks like this:
Offensive actions

Military and Economic espionage
From here, you can select Military espionage to see how many units the enemy has, where they are placed, how many tools they have, and basic info on their defense. Economic espionage is the same as military in that it only checks the amount of resources the target has. This screen also shows the distance between you and the target, the amount of agents that you will dispatch, the number of guards your target has, a slider where you can adjust how accurate the report will be. The icons down below are, from left to right, cost of sending the agent(s), Accuracy, Risk of getting caught and the travel time to the target. The more agents you send, the easier the task and going for an accurate report will make it highly likely that the guards will catch your agents. Don't worry though they don't actually imprison them. The agents are just forced to retreat and if they are caught, the target will know you are spying on them.

When you conduct sabotage, you burn random buildings in your target's castle. Burning buildings have their productivity reduced, and just by having burning buildings, causes unrest leading to reduced public order. The icons below are, from left to right, cost to do this task, damage done, number of buildings burned, risk of getting caught, and at the bottom, travel time to your target.
Offensive actions

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