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Later on in the game, at level 13, you are given the option to build an Estate. This building allows you to have more than one Castellan. A Castellan manages your castles and your main castle already comes with one. By having the estate, you are given a second Castellan and this allows you to build an outpost. Outposts serve as a secondary castle and can obtain resources depending on the outpost location you chose. The available resources on each location can be seen as icons. Outposts will always be missing one resource so don't bother looking around for a complete one and also, it is always either Stone + Food or Wood + Food. The size of the resource icon means that it gives 6 of that particular resource and the smaller one is 2. There is a better type of outpost location that gives a higher bonus than the common ones. These locations are marked with a sparkle beside the resource. These spots are usually occupied by other players since it gives a better benefit than the regular ones. What these numbers mean is the amount of resource buildings that can operate at full capacity.

The main castle has a well-rounded three. A special outpost location with sparkles yields an eight of wood for example. This means that this outpost can hold eight woodcutters that operate at 100% capacity. A really useful thing to look out for. When you decide to construct an outpost from an empty outpost spot in the map, select the node and choose capture. It will go like a regular attack only against weak peasants. If you want to capture it from another castle lord though, you must have to defeat all his troops before you can trigger the occupation phase. This means you have to defend it from others for 24 hours. After 24 hours go by, the outpost is yours and you can do anything with it. Even keep the buildings already in it. You can build just like your main castle although some buildings cannot be built in an outpost. These buildings are the Encampment, Tavern, Estates and the Research tower.

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