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There are two currencies available in this game. Gold and Rubies. They are used to purchase and construct almost everything in the game.


First we have gold. It is used alongside the other resources to recruit troops and build tools used for castle siege and defense. Gold is also used when buying stuff from the various NPCs that pop up around your town. Like buying tools for castle offense and defense skipping the build time needed if you build them from your workshops. Upgrading your commanders' equipment, hiring mercenaries to do missions for you, etc.. You can obtain gold by creating dwellings for your citizens. The more citizens you have, the higher the amount of tax you can collect from all your people. It is possibly the most widely-used resource in the game. Only second to the next currency.


Next we have Rubies. It is the premium currency of the game and is used in almost everything as well. It is the best currency of the game and can skip build times, recruit times, greatly shorten travel times, buy lots of resources and a lot more. It is a wonderful currency indeed BUT it is hard to come by. Some quests and rewards give you rubies but they only give you a few. The main way to get substantial amounts of rubies is paying real money.

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