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Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
Empire: Four Kingdoms Guide

Since this game isn't really predictable and you can't be sure that everything will go the same way. So we will just give a bunch of tips in hopes to make you have a better and successful game.

1. Always keep your public order in the green

The red and green bar below your resource window is the public order meter. Having it in the green is always a good thing meaning more resources from your buildings. You should keep track of this when upgrading the dwellings. Especially in new outposts since you are likely to be trigger happy with building structures. Public order can be kept high by placing decorative items around the castle. Another thing to take note of is the event where you can help build a "Colossus" by donating lots of resources. This even gives a decorative item that gives a LOT of public order depending on how much you donate to the event. It is a huge saving in space since it can go up to hundreds of points and occupy less space than building decorations that add up to that amount especially in the early games.

2. Take your time in looking for a good alliance

Having a good alliance is paramount if you want to do well in this game. If you ever find an alliance, check its performance like its level, how much glory points is needed to advance to the next alliance level (glory points is exp for the alliance and it can show if an alliance is active), its donated resources and of course, its online players. If it is sort of dead, you should look for a better one or if you think you can be a leader, establish your own.

3. Always check the random events around the town

Sometimes the random events around the town are easy to take part in. Even though you won't be getting the top rank, sometimes the lower rank prizes are a big help to a beginner. Those a newbie should take note of is the Colossus building event since it gives a noteworthy prize for beginners. Another event would be the marauder camp event. The Marauder unit has a large looting capacity and works well when besieging another castle lord's castle since he can carry a lot back. Just keep him during the later waves when he is not likely to die.

4. Check the attacker's unit composition

If an attacking army comes within range, you can tap on their icon and check how they composed their army. You can see what troops they will bring to your front, left, and right flanks. Even the tools they will be using is displayed. From this, you may judge if you can take them on. If not, do a strategic retreat.

5. If a successful defense doesn't seem likely, evacuate

As mentioned in the previous tip, if it looks grim, better save your troops instead of sacrificing them for nothing. If you have allies that are close, or better yet, an outpost, Station all your troops there. If you notice your attacker is bringing along lots of marauders and loot sacks in the intention of plundering all your resources, move all resources to an outpost. Early detection is key to this since moving large amounts of troops and resources take time. If no more resources can be transferred, you can donate it to your alliance or check for events around your castle. If you see an event that needs resources, plop them all there. If you do this, your attacker might not try to attack you again since he/she didn't get much resources from doing so.

6. When looking for an outpost spot, check the resources available.

In the world map, you may notice icons of resources. These are spots you can establish an outpost in. These spots always have two resources and lacking one. The larger the icon of one icon is, the more bountiful that land is for that particular resource. A special sparkling icon means there is a lot of that resource on that spot. But chances of finding an unoccupied one is slim since they are a coveted spot. Some may even fight for it so be wary.

7. When you have established an outpost, manage your resources carefully

As mentioned previously, an outpost only has two of the three resources of wood, stone and food so the resource that is lacking would most likely be coming from your main castle. so choose wisely. Later, when you can establish two outposts, this is a good thing since you will be able to cover the lack of one resource with the other outposts, and it is almost sure that you will have two outposts with the same resources. This means you are going to have more of a particular resource.

8. When attacking, be wary of your surroundings

If and when you decide to attack, check your immediate surrounding castle lords. You may be attacking one that belongs to an alliance that surrounds you. This may make you a target by attacking their ally. Also just because they have a high level, therefore having a penalty to glory when attacking low levels, they can still send powerful troops to support their ally. Meaning you will just be sending your men to the slaughter.

9. If you are going to purchase rubies, wait for a +100% prime time bonus

There is a rare occurrence in the game in which you are offered double for your ruby purchases. This is a handy event if you ever decide that you will spend money on this. Take note that this event only lasts a few minutes so check on your game from time to time to see if you will be lucky enough to get this event. Be warned though that there is a similar event called "Alliance Prime Time" that is similar but instead of you getting the extra rubies, it goes straight to your alliance. Just be careful that you don't make this mistake.

10. Macemen are a good choice during your early offensive skirmishes

Macemen are available right when you build a barracks. These units are cheap and well balanced. The problem with the swordsmen you get at barracks level three is that they DO have high attack but almost non-existent defense. This may end up killing more of them. While macemen on the other hand, have a balance between attack and defense so you can use them on defense as well.

11. Do the daily activities always

The daily activities are easy to pull off. Like spying on another castle lord, sending resources to another castle lord, manually gathering resources from the citizens, etc.. These give good bonuses even at the early checkpoints.

12. Remember to always equip your commanders

When attacking castles, completing events or outright buying it from an event NPC, you may get equipment that you can let your commanders equip them. You may opt to make one of your commanders focus on a more melee or ranged approach.

13. Equip your Castellan too

Most people forget this, but you can equip your castellan with the items you pick up. Not just your commanders. Obviously he should be equipped with defensive items like more wall or gate protection.

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