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Public Order

Public Order
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Public Order

Public Order

Public Order
You may have noticed just under the resource window, that there is a red and green bar with an arrow somewhere on it. This is the Public Order meter. This indicates the happiness of the people. A low rating of public order means that everything you do will be less productive as opposed to a high public order rating that gives a boost in all production. It is always a good idea to keep the public order in the green. You can do this by not over populating the castle by building too much dwellings and placing decorative items around the castle.

After an opponent attacks you or sabotages your base, there is a chance that it will set some of your buildings on fire. Burning buildings negatively impact public order as well. If a building is left burning for too long, it will turn into rubble which also decreases public order. Demolish the rubble quickly.

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