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Station troops & Resource transport

Station troops & Resource transport
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Station troops
Another thing you can do from the world map is to station your troops in your various castles. When you station troops in a castle, you are essentially transferring them to that castle and they are just added to the troop count of that castle. This would also mean that the food consumption in that castle will increase by how many troops you station there. A good way to use this is for example you have multiple outposts with barracks in them. You can recruit a lot of soldiers this way provided you have the coins for it. When the recruitment completes, you can send or "station" them to wherever castle you choose to.
Station troops & Resource transport

After establishing any movement, you will see your troop's movement on the world map and the color of the arrow represents which type of movement. Orange for an attacking force, Black for espionage attempts, Blue for retreating offensive force and yellow for resource transports, and other movements by your allies or enemies to your allies will be dark purple. If by any chance you want to cancel the movement, select the troops and select retreat.

Resource transport
You can also send resources to another castle lord. To do this, select the castle you want to send the resources to and select the Resource Transport option. After that, you will see a screen where you are able to specify how much resources you want to send. The maximum amount of resources you can send is limited to how many market barrows you have. One market barrow can carry 100 resources of any kind. So if you send 105 resources, that will take up two market barrows so adjust the quantity carefully. More market barrows are unlocked as you upgrade your marketplace.

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