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Your Castle

Your Castle
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Your Castle

Your Castle

Your castle is where you will spend most of your newbie time since you will be building a lot of buildings in a rapid pace (compared to most of the game) because the build times will take a really short time during these stages. You can upgrade it by upgrading the walls which increase the defense bonus of the wall, and expand the castle grounds to give you more building space. Expanding your land also gives a boost in defense in that there is more space for soldiers on the wall and expanding the land also increases the amount of towers you have. Towers greatly increase the space in which units can occupy the wall. The castle gate can be upgraded as well to provide a bigger bonus to gate defense and a protection bonus for public order. Also, on a note on resources, all main castles have a 3 on all resources. This means, you can build three production buildings (i.e.: Woodcutter, Stone quarry, & Farmhouse) and these three buildings function at 100% workload. Any more than three, there is a diminishing return effect on each of the excess buildings.

Castle layout

The layout of your castle does not influence gameplay in any way. No matter where you put your buildings, they will do the exact same thing. The only point of arranging your castle is to compress the space you have. If your buildings are organized well, then you may have more space in which to build your things. More layout tips in its respective section.

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