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Basic Units
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Basic Units

Units / Troops
Buildings aren't the only important things in this game because without the troops to defend the castle, you will just end up being plundered continuously. Furthermore, troops are needed to attack of course and the better the troop type, the more likely your army is of succeeding in their venture be it attacking or defending. Some units are better suited at defending and some are better at attacking. Covered here are the basic troops you would come across in the game and some special ones.

Armed Citizen
The very basic defense for a castle is its own population. These Armed Citizens are a free unit every castle has as long as it has some population. The bigger the population, the bigger this force is since it takes its quantity from a portion of the population. Unfortunately, these are really weak and are just there to give any castle a fighting chance.
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Spearman (Barracks level 1)
This unit is the very first unit you are allowed to recruit and is better suited to fight against melee targets. Your starting armies will most likely consist of these.
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Maceman (Barracks level 1)
The Maceman is a good attacking unit and will most likely be the first units to be mass recruited and sent to battle. They strike a good balance for attacking and defending since they can also be used in Castle Defense.
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Swordsman (Barracks level 3)
The Swordsman is the third melee unit to be unlocked by upgrading the barracks to level three. They have high attack but low defense so they are not suited for defense but are great for attacking other castles. A popular tactic is to just build a lot of swordsmen to overwhelm the enemy with numbers and strong attacks.
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Two-Handed Swordsman (Barracks level 4)
This unit is unlocked together with the Halberdier at a level 4 barracks. It is also similar in that is a direct upgrade to a lower unit, the swordsman. This unit has a large boost in attack and is used majorly on castle sieges.
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Halberdier (Barracks level 4)
The halberdier is the fourth unit to be unlocked along with the Two-Handed Swordsman by upgrading the barracks to level 4. These soldiers excel in defending a castle. It is quite frankly a direct upgrade to the spearman with quite a massive boost in defensive attack.
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Bowman (Barracks level 2)
The Bowman is a ranged unit that excels in defending a location like putting them on the walls of castles or sending them to support another castle. Never use them for attacking a castle.
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Crossbowman (Barracks level 2)
The crossbowman is a tougher version of the bowman that isn't confined to defense only. He can be used to be offensive but still not as effective as units that focus on offense.
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Archer (Barracks level 3)
This is the primary unit to be placed on defensive duty. You may retire your other units if you decide to put a lot of these around your walls. Don't assign them to assault roles though as they could get massacred.
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Longbowman (Barracks level 5)
Another upgrade to the previous iterations, the Longbowman is stronger in mostly every way in comparison to the previous units. But as is its previous iterations, it is best used on defense.
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Heavy Crossbowman (Barracks level 5)
The Heavy Crossbowman is a direct upgrade to the Crossbowman. It offers better stats in every way and is a decent attacker. Ideally, it is to be used to fight against ranged opponents.
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