Empire: Four Kingdoms

Visiting castle & Player info

Visiting castle & Player info
Empire: Four Kingdoms Guide

Visiting castle & Player info

Visit castle
You can visit another castle lord's castle by selecting this option. There is no limitations on visits. You can view their castle even if they are allies or enemies. By visiting, you can see what buildings this castle lord has and how he arranged his castle which doesn't really help you in any way. However, one of the most beneficial reasons to visit is to see if he is a ruby player. A ruby player is a player who spends a lot of real money in the game and the odds of you winning against a ruby player is pretty low unless he is inactive, low leveled, out of an alliance, doesn't know how to spend rubies wisely, or a combination of all the previous reasons.

Player info
You can see general information on the player like his name, title, alliance name and how many outposts he has. You can also send him resources from here, check his alliance detail, and send him a message.

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