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Civil Buildings

Civil Buildings
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Civil buildings

Civil buildings affect the castle or town in a direct way. The most notable feature of these buildings is to create resources for your castle. Aside from that, buildings that increase storage, enhance gathering capabilities, decrease resource consumption, and aid in construction by adding construction slots and construction speed.


This building provides wood every hour. It is one of the first structures you can build and is one of the most important ones out there. It can be upgraded as you level up providing more wood per hour.

Civil Buildings

Stone Quarry

The stone quarry is a building that produces stone every hour. It is important especially when building structures. This building can be upgraded at certain levels and doing so increases stone yield per hour.

Civil Buildings


The Farmhouse is a structure that provides food every hour. It is an essential structure for your castle since your citizens require food and even more so, your troops. They are the strongest draining aspect to this resource because to recruit troops you need food and they need further sustenance and drain your resource continuously by just being there. It can be upgraded at certain levels and doing so increases food production per hour.

Civil Buildings


The Dwelling is used to get more citizens. Citizens are used to collect taxes from. The more citizens present, the more taxes you can collect in the time allotted to your Tax Collector. Aside from paying taxes, they give a boost to your defensive force in the form of Armed Citizens. The Dwelling is a double-edged sword though because building one decreases Public Order. This structure can be upgraded at certain levels and provide more room for citizens at an equal decrease of Public Order.

Civil Buildings

Construction Crane (Rubies)

The Construction Crane allows for multiple construction to go on at one time. This is a very handy structure if not heftily priced. It would take you a long time to get this through normal means and what makes it worse, it only works on a single castle. If you want to do so on other outposts, you have to plop down the rubies again. Upgrading it gives one more construction slot but more rubies are needed to do so.

Civil Buildings


The storehouse is a building used to increase your current maximum capacity for resources. It is highly important due to some buildings going way past the max capacity of the default storage space. Having a large storage also means that you can let your buildings produce for longer and not worry about it getting stuck in the cap. Upgrading this further increases the provided storage space.

Civil Buildings


The Marketplace provides Market barrows. These are used to transport resources around the map. Each Market barrow can transport 100 quantities of goods. So having one Marketplace gives 5 barrows translating to 500 resources maximum that can be transferred. Upgrading this structure provides more Market barrows.

Civil Buildings

Bakery (Rubies required)

The Bakery reduces the cost of which troops consume food. Since it is percentage based, it is quite useful especially on your main castle due to your main castle probably having a lot of troops stationed there. Unfortunately, it requires rubies to build and upgrade and upgrading it will give a bigger reduction to food consumption.

Civil Buildings


The Sawmill boosts wood production in the current castle. It is also percentage based meaning bigger boosts the higher you upgrade your wood production buildings. Upgrading further increases the boost it gives.

Civil Buildings

Flour Mill

The Flour Mill boosts the food that is produced in the castle. It is similar to the functions of the Sawmill and Stonemason. Upgrading increases the boost.

Civil Buildings


The Stonemason boosts stone production in the castle. It too is similar to the Sawmill and Flour Mill in its features. Upgrading this increases the boost.

Civil Buildings

Master Builder (Rubies required)

This structure reduces the resources spent on building or upgrading structures in the castle. Although the reduction is quite small, especially in the early stages of this structure, it still gives a decent reduction later on. Unfortunately it too requires a hefty sum of rubies to be purchased. Upgrading it gives a bigger reduction on saved resources.

Civil Buildings

Hunting Lodge (Rubies required)

The Hunting Lodge is a structure that essentially trade wood and stone production for food production. This might sound weird for a growing castle but it is useful for when you don't have anything to build anymore. Upgrading this improves the ratio in which resources are exchanged.

Civil Buildings

Town house (Rubies required)

The Town House is a building that acts in a similar way to the Dwelling but has a greatly reduced penalty on Public Order. Unfortunately, like the other good buildings, it requires rubies to build. Upgrading this structure increases the population and a slight decrease in Public Order.

Civil Buildings

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