Empire: Four Kingdoms

Military Buildings

Military Buildings
Empire: Four Kingdoms Guide

Military buildings are used to bolster the ranks and numbers of your troops and create the tools that you use in castle siege and/or defense and mostly everything to do with combat and its effects.

The Barracks is where most of your infantry comes from. You select what type of troop and how many of it you want to recruit. Each unit varies from cost and time needed to recruit. Upgrading this building increases recruitment speed and unlocks more unit types.
Military Buildings

Defense Workshop
The Defense Workshop unlocks the creation of defensive tools used in castle defense like throwing rocks or barricades. Upgrading this building, similar to the Barracks, unlocks more types of tools and shortens production speed.
Military Buildings

Siege Workshop
The Siege Workshop unlocks the creation of defensive tools used in castle siege like battering rams and siege ladders. Upgrading this building also unlocks more siege tools to be used and constructed and also boosts production speed.
Military Buildings

This building houses your commanders. Having commanders allow you to attack or defend a castle. Initially the encampment gives you three commanders and upgrading this structure increases the number of commanders you can have at any given time.
Military Buildings

Stables provide the optional use of horses when sending out troops. At the cost of gold that varies depending on distance, your troops move slightly faster. An Upgraded Stable offers a boost to the horses' speed.
Military Buildings

The Tavern is where the sneaky agents can be found. These agents are used to conduct Military or Economic espionage and can also sabotage an enemy castle by setting fire to some buildings. Upgrading the tavern increases the number of agents available in the tavern.
Military Buildings

The Guardhouse is an important structure in the game. It provides city guards. This building counteracts the tavern and its agents. City guards arrest agents who attempt to conduct espionage and sabotage. Upgrading this building increases the amount of city guards available to counter the number of agents.
Military Buildings

A Hideout ensures that some resources are left in your storage even after you have been attacked multiple times resulting in most of your resources being plundered. Upgrading this increases the amount saved from attacks.
Military Buildings

Fire Station (Rubies)
The Fire Station is a building that reduces the effects of fire from attacks and sabotage. Again, it is unfortunately locked behind rubies. Upgrading it increases its effects that further reduce the damage done by fire.
Military Buildings

Watchtower (Rubies)
The Watchtower is a building that allows you to see attackers way past the normal radius. It is useful if you are under attack often. It too is locked behind a ruby pay wall. Upgrading it gives an even bigger vision range.
Military Buildings

Military Hospital (Rubies)
The Military Hospital ensures that you don't go completely troop-less after an attack. It works similar to the Hideout but instead of resources, it saves some troops after the battle. It is locked behind a ruby wall again. Upgrading this allows for more soldiers to be rescued.
Military Buildings

Drill Ground (Rubies)
The Drill Ground increases troop recruitment speed. It is a big help but again, unfortunately, rubies are required to build one. Upgrading this will further boost the speed in which you recruit.
Military Buildings

Research Tower
The Research Tower is a structure that unlocks the ability to conduct research. The stuff you research enhances a lot of aspects of your castle. From resource gathering enhancements to troop effectiveness. Upgrading the research tower increases research speed.
Military Buildings

The Estate allows you to have more castellans. Castellans are those that handle a castle or an outpost. You already have one castellan for free that handles your main castle. The next you get allows you to establish outposts. Upgrading this allows you to have even more castellans for more outposts.
Military Buildings

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